Unboxing the iPod Nano

18 10 2008

Hi all!

Now something different…at the end of September, I bought the coolest iPod to date, the brand new iPod Nano (now just in case you are wondering…I have sold my older iPod Nanos, so this is merely a replacement!). But it has taken me two and a half weeks to unbox the Nano and actually use it! So here I present you a gallery of the new iPod Nano…and yes, I do love the orange model!

1. Box views of the iPod Nano…

2. Opening the iPod Nano…

3. Just look how thin the iPod Nano is!

4. The accessories supplied with the iPod Nano…

So there you go! I will be giving a short review of the iPod Nano a little later for you to know what I really think! But what do you think of the new iPod Nano? Do you like it? Let me know!