iPod Nano – my review

19 10 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from my blog yesterday, here is my short review of the iPod Nano…

Design: Firstly, the design is pretty cool and is very thin! It is even thinner than the previous Nano and Apple have made an effort to take the best of both the 1st and 2nd generation Nano tall design combined with the 2″ screen from the 3rd generartion Nano.

Screen: The screen size may be in portrait view, but it is still the 2″ screen that featured in the previous Nano.  The screen is of high quality and the glass coating gives the vibrant colours.

Interface: The new Nano has a brand new updated interface which is an improvement. You can see the menu more clearly and can even change the font size if the text is too small. The new context menu allows you to access a huge range of other features. Simply press the middle button on the Click Wheel.

Shake to Shuffle: The Shake to Shuffle feature which involves a simple shake of the Nano to randomly change the track…it works wonders!

Accelerometer: The built-in accelerometer is a new feature on the iPod Nano which allows you to view photos in both portrait and landscape view. If you are in the Music mode, you can access Cover Flow by turning the iPod Nano to landscape mode. All videos play in landscape mode and there is an excellent new game called Maze which fully takes advantage of the accelerometer.

Genius: One of the coolest features to appear on the iPod Nano is Genius. This new feature simply generates a playlist of songs based on one song! The results are pretty good to say the least!

Finally, one feature that is unique to this iPod Nano and not really recognised is the brand new Crossfade feature! This is already featured in iTunes, but appears for the first time on any iPod! Whenever a track reaches the last 10 seconds of the song, the next tune will automatically play. I was mighty impressed!

There are many more features of this iPod Nano which has been included, but there are too many to mention here. My overall opinion? It is one of the best iPod Nano releases and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one if you are in need of upgrading your iPod or simply are new to it! What do you think of the new iPod Nano? Let me know!



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