First look at the new MacBook and MacBook Pro

26 10 2008

Hi all

Apple recently announced some brand new notebooks on the market. These being the new MacBook and new 15″ MacBook Pro. So I thought it would be time to check out the new notebooks for myself as I popped down to visit no other than the Apple Store in Regent Street!

First inspection and you will notice the solid build of these brand new notebooks, the bottom section of the notebooks are made entirely from one sheet of aluminium making them look great as well as solid! The trackpad is of superior design in which you perform multi touch gestures and the trackpad also acts as a button to click on! The surface of the trackpad is smooth making moving the cursor so easy! The glass glossy screen resembles that of the iMac except it is a backlit LCD display giving real vibrant colours on appearance! I must say these notebooks are impressive stuff! Here is a small gallery of the notebooks I saw…

1. The new MacBook

2. The new 15″ MacBook Pro

3. The cover of the MacBook Pro

These are really great looking notebooks and they run pretty fast thanks to the new NVidia graphics built in! What do you think of the new notebooks? Are you thinking of getting one? Let me know!