November is here and the end of the year is coming…

1 11 2008

Hi all

On a different note to all other blogs that have been written recently…it’s the 1st November! Yes, already the eleventh month of 2008 and before you know it…it will be 2009!

Having seen the year passed by just like that and seeing another typical summer in the UK not really being a summer (which wasn’t great once again), here we are…lots of things to think about, Christmas! An exciting time of year, but a lot of preparation before we get to 25th December…all shops are already in the festive mood and are getting the gifts out…but don’t leave to late everyone! You don’t want to go to the shops to find what you wanted to get your loved one is out of stock (mind you, it almost happened to me last year!).  But I’m going to stop there about Christmas shopping…let that be another blog entry!

Then there will be a lot of fireworks as 5th November is approaching with Guy Fawkes Night where the man failed to bomb the Houses of Parliament in London…now we have bonfires and fireworks everywhere and anywhere really…and then the New Year celebrations as we wait for midnight to come for 2009 and hope that next year will be better than the last…we all wish that don’t we? (but please don’t tell me your New Year resolutions just yet…perhaps I will start a blog discussion on that subject neared the time!)

Ah well, we’ll have to wait and see…just so much happens all at once!  Okay, time to end the blog…hope you all enjoy November!



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