My blog goes to the next level!

29 11 2008

I’m pleased to say you can now enjoy my rants and discussions at a brand new blog from Davers, an all-new website network!  This new blog will now host all my blog entries including all the ones you’ve read and you can also check out blog entries from my brother, Eric too!

Start your new blog experience by checking out

(Please note that this blog will no longer be updated from this point onwards.  Check out the above new blog for my new entries.  Thanks!)

November is here and the end of the year is coming…

1 11 2008

Hi all

On a different note to all other blogs that have been written recently…it’s the 1st November! Yes, already the eleventh month of 2008 and before you know it…it will be 2009!

Having seen the year passed by just like that and seeing another typical summer in the UK not really being a summer (which wasn’t great once again), here we are…lots of things to think about, Christmas! An exciting time of year, but a lot of preparation before we get to 25th December…all shops are already in the festive mood and are getting the gifts out…but don’t leave to late everyone! You don’t want to go to the shops to find what you wanted to get your loved one is out of stock (mind you, it almost happened to me last year!).  But I’m going to stop there about Christmas shopping…let that be another blog entry!

Then there will be a lot of fireworks as 5th November is approaching with Guy Fawkes Night where the man failed to bomb the Houses of Parliament in London…now we have bonfires and fireworks everywhere and anywhere really…and then the New Year celebrations as we wait for midnight to come for 2009 and hope that next year will be better than the last…we all wish that don’t we? (but please don’t tell me your New Year resolutions just yet…perhaps I will start a blog discussion on that subject neared the time!)

Ah well, we’ll have to wait and see…just so much happens all at once!  Okay, time to end the blog…hope you all enjoy November!

David’s Going For Gold Challenge Answers!!!

30 10 2008

I knew you were getting impatient!  Well, after many days of careful consideration I decided I should be kind and give you all the answers to my ten Going For Challenges which I set you ages ago.  To revisit the challenges just browse through my blog.  Here are the answers!!!

CHALLENGE 1 – Celebrities are David Suchet and Kelly Clarkson.  Link to GFG: David Suchet has the name Suchet as John Suchet and Kelly Clarkson has the first name Kelly as in Kelly, surname of Henry Kelly.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 2 – Celebrities are Sir Trevor McDonald and Sarah Kennedy.  Link to GFG: Sir Trevor is a newscaster just like John Suchet.  Sarah Kennedy hosted Game For A Laugh just like Henry Kelly.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 3 – Celebrities are Sir Elton John and Dame Kelly Holmes.  Link to GFG: Sir Elton John has surname John as in John, first name of John Suchet.  Dame Kelly Holmes has the first name Kelly as in Kelly, surname of Henry Kelly.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 4 – Celebrities are Chris Hoy and Rebecca Adlington.  They’re GB Olympians having won five medals between them (Hoy winning three and Adlington two).  Link to GFG: They’re gold medal winners and they truly did go for gold!!!  And just to remind you…John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 5 – Celebrities are Ludwig van Beethoven and Ludwig van Beethoven.  Link to GFG: Beethoven is one of John Suchet’s favourite classic music artists and hosted shows on Classic FM.  Henry Kelly also hosted shows on Classic FM.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 6 – Celebrities are Lord (John) Major and Lenny Henry.  Link to GFG: Lord Major has the first name John as in John, first name of John Suchet.  Lenny Henry has the surname Henry as in the first name of Henry Kelly.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 7 – Celebrities are Samuel L. Jackson and Keeley Hawes.  Link to GFG: Samuel (L.) Jackson has initials S.J. the reverse of the initials of John Suchet, J.S.  Keeley Hawes has initials K.H. the reverse of the initials of Henry Kelly, H.K.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 8 – Celebrities are Natasha Kaplinsky and Maggie Philbin.  Link to GFG: Natasha Kaplinsky presents Five News as does John Suchet.  Maggie Philbin has a radio show on BBC Radio Berkshire as does Henry Kelly.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Going For Gold.

CHALLENGE 9 – Celebrities are young John Suchet and young Henry Kelly.  Link to GFG: young John Suchet is the young version of John Suchet and young Henry Kelly is the young version of Henry Kelly.  John Suchet and Henry Kelly host Gong For Gold.

CHALLENGE 10 – Celebrities are John Suchet and Henry Kelly.  Link to GFG: Do I need to say anymore???

Well done if you got them all!  😉

First visit to Wood Lane

28 10 2008

Hi all

It may be only a fortnight since Wood Lane open, but I thought I would be time to check the station out at platform level. I stepped off the Hammersmith & City train to check out Wood Lane. A very nice modern looking station. Great stop off when visiting Westfield shopping centre which opens on 30th October (I will write a blog entry about Westfield in due course!)

Here is a small gallery of the new station…

1. Wood Lane station looking Eastbound. An impressive metallic and glass design.

2. The Wood Lane Underground roundel

3. Wood Lane station looking Westbound towards Hammersmith

4. The line diagram on the Eastbound platform

5. Wood Lane Underground roundel printed on the glass exit of the platform

Of course, there is more to this station than just the platforms, but I have the ticket hall and station building to check out…by the time I do, Westfield London will be open by then!  What do you think of Wood Lane station? Let me know!

Signs of a different No Smoking…

27 10 2008

Hi all

The other day, I was on a Bakerloo line train home and I couldn’t help but notice a very different No Smoking sign stuck on one of the windows of the Bakerloo line train…

No sign of the famous Johnston typeface there! To show the difference between the two, check the next shot…

Talk about consistency!

First look at the new MacBook and MacBook Pro

26 10 2008

Hi all

Apple recently announced some brand new notebooks on the market. These being the new MacBook and new 15″ MacBook Pro. So I thought it would be time to check out the new notebooks for myself as I popped down to visit no other than the Apple Store in Regent Street!

First inspection and you will notice the solid build of these brand new notebooks, the bottom section of the notebooks are made entirely from one sheet of aluminium making them look great as well as solid! The trackpad is of superior design in which you perform multi touch gestures and the trackpad also acts as a button to click on! The surface of the trackpad is smooth making moving the cursor so easy! The glass glossy screen resembles that of the iMac except it is a backlit LCD display giving real vibrant colours on appearance! I must say these notebooks are impressive stuff! Here is a small gallery of the notebooks I saw…

1. The new MacBook

2. The new 15″ MacBook Pro

3. The cover of the MacBook Pro

These are really great looking notebooks and they run pretty fast thanks to the new NVidia graphics built in! What do you think of the new notebooks? Are you thinking of getting one? Let me know!

Get the clock back!

25 10 2008

Hi all

Just a reminder to everyone not forget to put your clocks back one hour from 2am….which will become 1am of course!

Just what I need! An extra hour of sleep…

Going For Gold – Theme tune

23 10 2008

Hi all

I know the my Going For Gold week is over, but I failed to mention about one other good thing about the game show and that is the theme tune itself! So to complete the Going For Gold story, here is some information about the theme tune feature on the game show.

The theme tune was composed by Hans Zimmer and Sandy McLelland. It has a europop soft rock tune to it and the original version was first featured on the BBC One game show. The theme tune was sung by Sandy McLelland himself and the lyrics to the opening sequence of both the old and new version of the show is as follows:

“The heat is on, the time is right
It’s time for you, for you to play your game
‘Cause people are coming, everyone’s trying
Trying to be the best that they can
When they’re going for, going for gold!”

This is a short version of the full tune and only once has the full length version been ever played and that was during a clips compilation of the semi-final rounds in series one featured on BBC One.

The new series of Going For Gold features a slightly modern version of the theme tune but sung by the original artist, Sandy McLelland.

Once again folks, I apologise for missing this important article out from the Going For Gold week nearly two weeks ago and ten days after the launch of the new series…but never mind, it is now here for you to read!

The flag wraps up!

21 10 2008

Sometimes when things are around for a while, they can wear away…just like the Apple flag outside the Apple Store on Regent Street (in the middle of the photo)…

Not a pretty sight!

iPod Nano – my review

19 10 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from my blog yesterday, here is my short review of the iPod Nano…

Design: Firstly, the design is pretty cool and is very thin! It is even thinner than the previous Nano and Apple have made an effort to take the best of both the 1st and 2nd generation Nano tall design combined with the 2″ screen from the 3rd generartion Nano.

Screen: The screen size may be in portrait view, but it is still the 2″ screen that featured in the previous Nano.  The screen is of high quality and the glass coating gives the vibrant colours.

Interface: The new Nano has a brand new updated interface which is an improvement. You can see the menu more clearly and can even change the font size if the text is too small. The new context menu allows you to access a huge range of other features. Simply press the middle button on the Click Wheel.

Shake to Shuffle: The Shake to Shuffle feature which involves a simple shake of the Nano to randomly change the track…it works wonders!

Accelerometer: The built-in accelerometer is a new feature on the iPod Nano which allows you to view photos in both portrait and landscape view. If you are in the Music mode, you can access Cover Flow by turning the iPod Nano to landscape mode. All videos play in landscape mode and there is an excellent new game called Maze which fully takes advantage of the accelerometer.

Genius: One of the coolest features to appear on the iPod Nano is Genius. This new feature simply generates a playlist of songs based on one song! The results are pretty good to say the least!

Finally, one feature that is unique to this iPod Nano and not really recognised is the brand new Crossfade feature! This is already featured in iTunes, but appears for the first time on any iPod! Whenever a track reaches the last 10 seconds of the song, the next tune will automatically play. I was mighty impressed!

There are many more features of this iPod Nano which has been included, but there are too many to mention here. My overall opinion? It is one of the best iPod Nano releases and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one if you are in need of upgrading your iPod or simply are new to it! What do you think of the new iPod Nano? Let me know!