Going For Gold – Theme tune

23 10 2008

Hi all

I know the my Going For Gold week is over, but I failed to mention about one other good thing about the game show and that is the theme tune itself! So to complete the Going For Gold story, here is some information about the theme tune feature on the game show.

The theme tune was composed by Hans Zimmer and Sandy McLelland. It has a europop soft rock tune to it and the original version was first featured on the BBC One game show. The theme tune was sung by Sandy McLelland himself and the lyrics to the opening sequence of both the old and new version of the show is as follows:

“The heat is on, the time is right
It’s time for you, for you to play your game
‘Cause people are coming, everyone’s trying
Trying to be the best that they can
When they’re going for, going for gold!”

This is a short version of the full tune and only once has the full length version been ever played and that was during a clips compilation of the semi-final rounds in series one featured on BBC One.

The new series of Going For Gold features a slightly modern version of the theme tune but sung by the original artist, Sandy McLelland.

Once again folks, I apologise for missing this important article out from the Going For Gold week nearly two weeks ago and ten days after the launch of the new series…but never mind, it is now here for you to read!


The flag wraps up!

21 10 2008

Sometimes when things are around for a while, they can wear away…just like the Apple flag outside the Apple Store on Regent Street (in the middle of the photo)…

Not a pretty sight!

iPod Nano – my review

19 10 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from my blog yesterday, here is my short review of the iPod Nano…

Design: Firstly, the design is pretty cool and is very thin! It is even thinner than the previous Nano and Apple have made an effort to take the best of both the 1st and 2nd generation Nano tall design combined with the 2″ screen from the 3rd generartion Nano.

Screen: The screen size may be in portrait view, but it is still the 2″ screen that featured in the previous Nano.  The screen is of high quality and the glass coating gives the vibrant colours.

Interface: The new Nano has a brand new updated interface which is an improvement. You can see the menu more clearly and can even change the font size if the text is too small. The new context menu allows you to access a huge range of other features. Simply press the middle button on the Click Wheel.

Shake to Shuffle: The Shake to Shuffle feature which involves a simple shake of the Nano to randomly change the track…it works wonders!

Accelerometer: The built-in accelerometer is a new feature on the iPod Nano which allows you to view photos in both portrait and landscape view. If you are in the Music mode, you can access Cover Flow by turning the iPod Nano to landscape mode. All videos play in landscape mode and there is an excellent new game called Maze which fully takes advantage of the accelerometer.

Genius: One of the coolest features to appear on the iPod Nano is Genius. This new feature simply generates a playlist of songs based on one song! The results are pretty good to say the least!

Finally, one feature that is unique to this iPod Nano and not really recognised is the brand new Crossfade feature! This is already featured in iTunes, but appears for the first time on any iPod! Whenever a track reaches the last 10 seconds of the song, the next tune will automatically play. I was mighty impressed!

There are many more features of this iPod Nano which has been included, but there are too many to mention here. My overall opinion? It is one of the best iPod Nano releases and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one if you are in need of upgrading your iPod or simply are new to it! What do you think of the new iPod Nano? Let me know!

Unboxing the iPod Nano

18 10 2008

Hi all!

Now something different…at the end of September, I bought the coolest iPod to date, the brand new iPod Nano (now just in case you are wondering…I have sold my older iPod Nanos, so this is merely a replacement!). But it has taken me two and a half weeks to unbox the Nano and actually use it! So here I present you a gallery of the new iPod Nano…and yes, I do love the orange model!

1. Box views of the iPod Nano…

2. Opening the iPod Nano…

3. Just look how thin the iPod Nano is!

4. The accessories supplied with the iPod Nano…

So there you go! I will be giving a short review of the iPod Nano a little later for you to know what I really think! But what do you think of the new iPod Nano? Do you like it? Let me know!

Apple get out their new notebooks

16 10 2008

Hi all

Yesterday, Apple announced brand new notebooks to replace some of their current models (well, no longer current). The first was the new Macbook Pro, with new design and a smooth glass multi-touch trackpad. In addition to this, there is a brand new graphics card, the NVidia 9400M plus 9600M GT which provides extra high graphics although you have to switch between the two. The design is new using one solid piece of aluminum as its enclosure, the screen is ultra thin and features a backlit 15″ LCD display given rich colour.  The smooth glass multi-touch trackpad allows you perform multi touch gestures plus the trackpad is the button itself! And the price is of reasonable cost starting from £1,399. 

Next Apple announced a revision to the MacBook Air with better graphics and huge capacity too starting from £1,299. The solid state drive version sports a huge 128Gb capacity bringing it to £1,799. This however will be out in November.

Finally, the MacBook has been a very popular notebook. During its time, it has had minor revisions including hard disk capacities and faster processor speeds, but now it has been given a total redesigned resembling the MacBook Pro only smaller at 13″ LCD display and sporting NVidia 9400M graphics making a faster performance machine at a good price. The lowest model of this type costs £949. However, Apple have a even cheaper white model costing £719 which now contains a Superdrive as standard and a faster processor.

All in all, it is a huge improvement from the last time and certain a good time to buy a portable Mac if you haven’t already bought one!

What do you think of the new Mac notebooks? Let me know!

On the Network: October 2008

14 10 2008

Hi all

It’s now time for a round up on the projects happening on London Underground and London Overground this month…

Shepherd’s Bush (Central Line) – The Central line station reopened on 5th October 2008. The station sports a large modern ticket hall with replacement escalators.  The station itself has been given a total refurbishment with white and blue tiling throughout. At the time of opening, the trackside walls were yet to be painted. Lifts have been promised at some point in the future. Watch this space!

Wood Lane and Shepherd’s Bush Market – Wood Lane station on the Hammersmith & City line officially opened on 12th October 2008 being the last station in the area to open for Westfield, the newest shopping centre in London. The station is the first in over 70 years to open on an existing line. Wood Lane station is a 200m walk from White City station on the Central line. Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City) station was officially renamed Shepherd’s Bush Market.

London Overground works – Works are progressing well on London Overground with the reopening of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line on 30th September 2008. Willesden Junction to Gospel Oak via West Hampstead remains closed until mid-November for the rebuilding of the Hampstead Heath tunnel.

Acton Town – Refurbishment works have been taking place over the last few weekends at Acton Town. But the works are nearly complete with brand new signage plus the installation of new lifts making the station fully accessible.

Other Tube station refurbishment works – There are several refurbishment works ongoing during this month including St. Paul’s, Edgware, Hounslow West, Osterley, Queensbury and Canons Park. I will be letting you know the progress of these works in the forthcoming On the Network entries. 

That’s your round up of the projects happening this month. Check out more On the Network next month!

David’s Going For Gold Challenge #10

13 10 2008

OK!  I know that all nine challenges have been provided but I couldn’t resist giving you folks another challenge!  This is the hardest, toughest of them all!  Think you can do it?  If you’ve got all nine, I know you’ll have so much difficulty getting this one!  😉  Remember, identify the two featured celebrities and try to work out how they are linked to Going For Gold! 🙂

Best of the very best golden luck! 😉