The flag wraps up!

21 10 2008

Sometimes when things are around for a while, they can wear away…just like the Apple flag outside the Apple Store on Regent Street (in the middle of the photo)…

Not a pretty sight!

First look at the new iPods

15 09 2008

Hi all!

After the announcement of the new iPod range, I thought it was time to check the new iPods out for myself. This time, I thought I would visit my local Apple Store in Brent Cross!

The first thing I had to try was the brand new iPod Nano. The colour that attracted me was the orange model and as you can see in the photo below, I am holding the real thing!

1. I hold the iPod Nano for the first time!

2. The back of the iPod Nano

The impressive features include the accelerometer built-in to the new iPod Nano. You can check Cover Flow and great video when you turn the iPod Nano to landscape.  But photos get the added benefit of the ability to see them both portrait and landscape, something the Nano did not have before!

3. Video on landscape mode

The feature I was eager to try was the Shake to Shuffle feature which involves simply shaking the iPod Nano briefly while a song is playing to change to a new song randomly. Thanks to the accelerometer which allows such a feature to even work! Overall, it sure going to attract people especially the wide range of colours available. If you still haven’t got an iPod and you want a great affordable model, get the iPod Nano. You can get the 8Gb model for £109 and the new 16Gb model for £149. At the time I was at the Apple Store, they did not have the 16Gb model available yet, but I was told it would be available in the next week or so. So if you thinking of getting the 16Gb model, just wait!

After enjoying some time playing on the iPod Nano, I thought I would quickly check the brand new iPod Touch which is dubbed as the ‘Funnest iPod Ever’, sounds a whole load of fun! (note: for those who thought I wrote funniest, read again!)

It is really thin and nice to use! The new iPod Touch has volume controls on the side, and a built in speaker! Handy because if you are playing games, for example, you can listen to the sound rather than stick on headphones for that reason alone! Decent sound, but nothing replaces the headphone or stereo speakers, so don’t depend on the built in speaker!

4. The new iPod Touch

Other than the appearance, this is the only iPod to feature Nike + iPod. This is a fitness tool which works with the transmitter accessory, which is sold separately. The iPod Touch has a built in receiver so you don’t need to plug the receiver into the bottom of the iPod Touch.

5. The back of the iPod Touch

Now that you can download thousands of applications via the App Store, the iPod Touch is a great iPod to own…next to the iPhone…and great if you are interested in entertainment and music rather than having a mobile phone. So what models are on offer? There are three different capacity models, the 8Gb model costs £169, the 16Gb model costs £219 and the huge 32Gb model costs £289 (£40 less than the previous version). So you really decide how much you want to store! But all models do the same thing!

What do you think of the new iPod range? Have you tried them yet? Let me know!

First look at iPhone 3G

14 07 2008

Hi all

I thought it would was time to check out Apple’s brand new product, the iPhone 3G!  I travelled down to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London to check out the product itself!

When entering the store, it was clear that a lot of people were interested in the new product!

1. iPhone 3G is advertised in full…

It took a bit of time for me to actually try out the new phone for myself and actually ended upstairs instead! Finally, there was an iPhone 3G I could try…although there was a lot of smudges…it is prone to these things though.  But the photo below was my first feel of the model…

2. The iPhone 3G itself!

3. The back of the iPhone 3G.  This is a black model.

I took these photos using my current iPhone!  It feels good to use, although I recently updated my iPhone to the version 2.0 software and am already enjoying the features of the iPhone with a new feature that allows you to download applications to your phone!  The only difference is that I want a 16Gb model, I have no 3G and no GPS feature in Maps!

While I was there, I thought I would take a shot of the MobileMe box. I consider joining it soon.

Overall, the iPhone 3G is good.  The problem is when I will be able to upgrade the phone because I cannot do it in Apple Stores unfortunately.  So I will have to wait!  Hopefully, when I do get my hands on one, I will write another blog entry of unboxing the new iPhone 3G for real!

What do you think of the iPhone 3G?  Let me know!

iPhones are not around in the Apple Store

14 06 2008

Hi all

Just before the WWDC ’08 announcement on 9th June, there was still an opportunity to get hold of the current iPhone.

As many of you will know, O2 were doing a limited offer back in May that gave customers a change to own the 8Gb model for only £199. This £100 discount attracted a lot of people until the stocks ran out.

Also around that time, the online Apple Store were not selling the 8Gb or 16Gb models of the iPhone as they were ‘currently unavailable’. The only place that had stock were the Apple retail stores. In addition, they were on display too!

Today, I decided to pop into an Apple Store in London to check out whether you could still get hold of the iPhone even though the new iPhone 3G was announced (and will come out 11th July). The answer is no! They were quick to take the advert boards off, and remove all the display models. In place are a lot of iPod Touch-es which are still attracting a lot of people somehow.

eBay is perhaps the only way to get hold of the model, but hey, who’s going to buy one, when on a £45 a month contract with O2, you can get the 8Gb iPhone 3G for nothing? Perhaps it is the best time to sell yours before the new model comes out? Or perhaps not…maybe wait for the iPhone 3G is out so you can hand over your current iPhone for someone else? Maybe they could use the iPhone as a iPod Touch instead!

Leopard launch review

30 10 2007

Hi all

As promised is my Mac OS X Leopard launch review!

It was a pretty dry evening down in Brent Cross shopping centre on Friday 26th October (it would be, as it is indoors!). To make pretty sure that I arrived at the shopping centre in good time, I arrived at about 4:00pm – with 2 hours to go until the launch! At this point, the Apple Store doors were closing for the next two hours and so the glass doors were shut…what was going on? Well it was clear that they were installing Leopard on the computers and having a guided tour on the exciting new features. Some people did not know what this Leopard launch was all about!

1. The Apple Store when it closed at about 4:00pm

There were a few people waiting outside, but it did not look like a queue…and so I spent time walking about in the shopping centre…which during this time, I picked up a Mac Format magazine after finding an interesting review on the new iPod range (seems ages now since I got the iPod Touch!)

At about 5:00pm, a small queue was beginning to grow outside the Apple Store. While I looked on, a woman asked me what was happening. I explained to her that a new operating system was being launch at 6:00pm today. She asked if it was for the iPod. I said no, it is for the Mac computers. She said okay and thanked me for the information even though she didn’t quite know what I was entirely talking about…but it seemed to fascinate her.

There was this schoolkid that was enthusiastic about the launch while it appeared he was showing off his iPod Touch to someone…well that’s the first person I have seen with that cool device (I wonder if they have the new device in stock now?). I started to join the queue and patiently waited. I must have been behind about 30 people.

2. The queue builds up…

After a while with about 30 minutes to go, a few Apple staff came out to greet us asking us what we are looking forward to in Leopard…many said the Stacks feature, others were excited about Time Machine, the exciting backup program! A man in front of me told his son that this event was so big that Steve Jobs was going to appear! Now that was a joke! He even asked me if I had been to the Tiger launch…no was my answer considering that it was released about 2 years ago (and I didn’t even use a Mac back then)!!!

The Apple staff were very nice offering some nice Starbucks coffee. They had ran out of milk and sugar though, so I had to sip the bitter taste of that coffee…

3. My Starbucks coffee!

Behind me, the queue was getting ever so long as they went around the edge of the aisles and as you can see from the picture, it was really long! In fact to make it exciting, a cameraman went around to show how long the crowd really was! For one brief moment, he seemed to trip over the bin down the other side…he should be more careful next time!

4. The queues are so long!

But the countdown was on and as the last 10 seconds were counted, in went the crowd…the Apple Store had now reopened! As I entered the store, I received an exclusive Leopard t-shirt! Cool! Then I asked a member of staff to give me a copy of the Family Pack of Mac OS X Leopard which I received immediately…and the picture is the proof!

5. I have got it!!!

When I got to the till, I paid for the software and was told to enjoy the exciting new features…what more could I say? Thank you!

It was so busy! The store was full of people trying out the new operating system on the shiny iMacs and Macbooks that were dotted in the store…there were so many people trying that I didn’t get a chance to have a look!

6. The store is busy!

7. People trying Leopard on the iMacs!

As I left the store with so much joy in getting Leopard, I thought I would take some shots of the queues outside the store…and evidently there were loads more waiting. It just shows you how many Mac fans are out there to buy the software. I have never seen such a successful launch event!

8. More wait outside the Apple Store

Did anyone go to the Leopard launch events? What did you think? Write a review and let me know!