First look at the new MacBook and MacBook Pro

26 10 2008

Hi all

Apple recently announced some brand new notebooks on the market. These being the new MacBook and new 15″ MacBook Pro. So I thought it would be time to check out the new notebooks for myself as I popped down to visit no other than the Apple Store in Regent Street!

First inspection and you will notice the solid build of these brand new notebooks, the bottom section of the notebooks are made entirely from one sheet of aluminium making them look great as well as solid! The trackpad is of superior design in which you perform multi touch gestures and the trackpad also acts as a button to click on! The surface of the trackpad is smooth making moving the cursor so easy! The glass glossy screen resembles that of the iMac except it is a backlit LCD display giving real vibrant colours on appearance! I must say these notebooks are impressive stuff! Here is a small gallery of the notebooks I saw…

1. The new MacBook

2. The new 15″ MacBook Pro

3. The cover of the MacBook Pro

These are really great looking notebooks and they run pretty fast thanks to the new NVidia graphics built in! What do you think of the new notebooks? Are you thinking of getting one? Let me know!

iPod Nano – my review

19 10 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from my blog yesterday, here is my short review of the iPod Nano…

Design: Firstly, the design is pretty cool and is very thin! It is even thinner than the previous Nano and Apple have made an effort to take the best of both the 1st and 2nd generation Nano tall design combined with the 2″ screen from the 3rd generartion Nano.

Screen: The screen size may be in portrait view, but it is still the 2″ screen that featured in the previous Nano.  The screen is of high quality and the glass coating gives the vibrant colours.

Interface: The new Nano has a brand new updated interface which is an improvement. You can see the menu more clearly and can even change the font size if the text is too small. The new context menu allows you to access a huge range of other features. Simply press the middle button on the Click Wheel.

Shake to Shuffle: The Shake to Shuffle feature which involves a simple shake of the Nano to randomly change the track…it works wonders!

Accelerometer: The built-in accelerometer is a new feature on the iPod Nano which allows you to view photos in both portrait and landscape view. If you are in the Music mode, you can access Cover Flow by turning the iPod Nano to landscape mode. All videos play in landscape mode and there is an excellent new game called Maze which fully takes advantage of the accelerometer.

Genius: One of the coolest features to appear on the iPod Nano is Genius. This new feature simply generates a playlist of songs based on one song! The results are pretty good to say the least!

Finally, one feature that is unique to this iPod Nano and not really recognised is the brand new Crossfade feature! This is already featured in iTunes, but appears for the first time on any iPod! Whenever a track reaches the last 10 seconds of the song, the next tune will automatically play. I was mighty impressed!

There are many more features of this iPod Nano which has been included, but there are too many to mention here. My overall opinion? It is one of the best iPod Nano releases and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one if you are in need of upgrading your iPod or simply are new to it! What do you think of the new iPod Nano? Let me know!

Unboxing the iPod Nano

18 10 2008

Hi all!

Now something different…at the end of September, I bought the coolest iPod to date, the brand new iPod Nano (now just in case you are wondering…I have sold my older iPod Nanos, so this is merely a replacement!). But it has taken me two and a half weeks to unbox the Nano and actually use it! So here I present you a gallery of the new iPod Nano…and yes, I do love the orange model!

1. Box views of the iPod Nano…

2. Opening the iPod Nano…

3. Just look how thin the iPod Nano is!

4. The accessories supplied with the iPod Nano…

So there you go! I will be giving a short review of the iPod Nano a little later for you to know what I really think! But what do you think of the new iPod Nano? Do you like it? Let me know!

Apple get out their new notebooks

16 10 2008

Hi all

Yesterday, Apple announced brand new notebooks to replace some of their current models (well, no longer current). The first was the new Macbook Pro, with new design and a smooth glass multi-touch trackpad. In addition to this, there is a brand new graphics card, the NVidia 9400M plus 9600M GT which provides extra high graphics although you have to switch between the two. The design is new using one solid piece of aluminum as its enclosure, the screen is ultra thin and features a backlit 15″ LCD display given rich colour.  The smooth glass multi-touch trackpad allows you perform multi touch gestures plus the trackpad is the button itself! And the price is of reasonable cost starting from £1,399. 

Next Apple announced a revision to the MacBook Air with better graphics and huge capacity too starting from £1,299. The solid state drive version sports a huge 128Gb capacity bringing it to £1,799. This however will be out in November.

Finally, the MacBook has been a very popular notebook. During its time, it has had minor revisions including hard disk capacities and faster processor speeds, but now it has been given a total redesigned resembling the MacBook Pro only smaller at 13″ LCD display and sporting NVidia 9400M graphics making a faster performance machine at a good price. The lowest model of this type costs £949. However, Apple have a even cheaper white model costing £719 which now contains a Superdrive as standard and a faster processor.

All in all, it is a huge improvement from the last time and certain a good time to buy a portable Mac if you haven’t already bought one!

What do you think of the new Mac notebooks? Let me know!

iPhone 2.1 software has arrived!

12 09 2008

Hi all

Finally, some new stuff! After the exciting news over the new iPod range, we iPhone 3G customers finally get a well earned update. Did iPhone 2.1 software live up to expectations? Well, after installing the update, a few great features have been added.

The Genius feature for the iPod is fantastic! After installing the new version of iTunes (version 8.0), you can get the Genius feature activated which will allow you to use it on your iPhone.  And it is a brilliant feature! It generates a playlist based on the type of song you select. You can then play it and save it if you like the tunes.

Aside this, Apple can be praised for making backups from the iPhone to iTunes faster as it took an awfully long time to backup previously to the point that I had to cancel the job just to get the rest of my content synchronised. So no more waiting around! The second excellent feature, is the installation of applications via the App Store on the iPhone. It is much quicker to install now so you don’t need to wait endlessly for just one application to install. Just imagine how long it took to update several applications? No more!

Well those are the major features I will cover…but there are some other tidbits added to the iPhone 2.1 software, but I think you should check it out for yourself!

What do you think of the update? Good or bad? Let me know!

MobileMe – my review

9 09 2008

Hi all

Today, I did it! Yes, I signed up with MobileMe! Yes, Apple’s brand new replacement to .mac and allows users to synchronise data between devices such as your Macs and iPhone or iPod Touch through the ‘cloud’. A virtual place for whenever you update any information such as calendar or contacts.  The information will automatically be updated on each device!  How cool is that? (Hope you are following…if not, just jump to the last bit of this blog entry!)

Well I decided to give the 60 day trial a go as they is nothing to lose at all! And so I signed up and it didn’t take long before I got started. And it is easy to setup, believe me! And before you know it, I managed to get all the information updated on all devices without even synchronising my data directly on the computer! So I could be anywhere rest assured that will never forget to update my own Macs.

In short, MobileMe is pretty good. I haven’t used iDisk and the Photo Gallery features yet, but looking at what is on offer, it does indeed serve the rest of us (not only those in business you know!). But there’s still more to try and I will decide after the 60 day trial what I will do, but I will let you know properly what I actually thought!

What do you think of MobileMe? Let me know!

If you have come to the last paragraph of this blog (whether you have read the entire blog or not), I’m glad you have made it! I just want to say hello to you all and hope you are enjoying reading!

Apple announce a media event!

2 09 2008

Hi all

I’ve been following the rumour mill about a possible event on 9th September 2008 that would introduce a brand new refreshed iPod Nano and an updated iPod Touch.  Well it appears that Apple have officially announced this date calling the event ‘Let’s Rock’.  That event name is enough to suggest that it is indeed a music event…what could be in store?  Well, we will have to wait and see on 9th September, which is exactly a week away.

Some people however are not keen on the new iPod Nano look that has been suggested in photos and all sorts…but you never know, it could be a great release!  If they do release an updated iPod Touch, let’s just hope it is much cheaper than what is currently available and perhaps far cheaper than the iPhone 3G!

So what do you think everyone? Are you excited? Will you get a new iPod when it is officially released? Send your comments in!!!

More ‘new iPod’ info!

27 08 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from the rumoured Apple Inc. mill, there is more info about the so called new Apple product event!  There are claims that there will be an announcement on 9th September. Now how accurate that is, is one thing!

The main spotlight is on the iPods and rumours of a total refresh.  The iPod Nano will undergo another change in design after going through a major redesign last year.  It will be taller, thinner and the screen appears to look slightly bigger (and you probably have to turn your Nano landscape to view videos). The iPod Touch has had further details and there are rumours that GPS will be included in the second edition of the player.

In addition, other sources claim that there are in fact a number of products due for a refresh…but Apple are saying nothing about these claims. With just under two weeks to go until the rumoured 9th September event, only time will tell if such claims come to be…I will be back with this topic again very soon as I hear more news!!!

Has anyone heard anything else? What do you think? Let me know!

New iPods on the cards?

22 08 2008

Hi all

Further to my previous blog on this subject, it seems that Apple may announce something this coming September with a total refresh of the iPod line.  It seems though that there are going to be changes to two of the iPods, the first I mentioned earlier was the iPod Touch and the second that seems to be rumoured is the iPod Nano.

Now you will probably remember last September, the iPod Nano had a new look: thinner, a bit more square and a beautiful 2.5″ screen that looks just as good as the 3.5″ screen of the iPod Classic (which I was so undecided at the time whether to get a classic or nano? See here for the details).

Now there appears that the iPod Nano will undergo yet another redesign, the details are a bit sketchy, but the new Nano will be taller yet still thin.  The screen will be narrower which suggests that to watch video, you would turn the Nano landscape. The Touch would not alter in screen size, but would have some slight cosmetic changes.

Other things flying about include a new version of iTunes (version 8.0), and iPod Touch 2.1 software (perhaps iPhone 2.1 software would come out too).  As for the iPod Shuffle and Classic, it remains unclear what will happen to these…perhaps nothing will change, how can you change the iPod Shuffle?  And as for the Classic, if there were a change, it would be the capacity perhaps?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  The iPods would have significant price drops according to rumoured sites as it would have to be cheaper than the iPhone 3G…that would be excellent news, but how would that work in the UK?  The iPods would have to be at least less than £159 (the most you will pay on a 18 month contract with O2…or will this not apply?)!

The last suggested item from rumoured sites is Apple introducing something called “iTunes Unlimited”. This would be a one year subscription service that will allow users to download and listen to music but paying one yearly subscription fee…how likely this will be can only wait.

We’ll just have to wait for a September announcement (if any), but I will come back to this subject in due course as we are bound to hear more news!

Has Apple got more things up their sleeves?

19 08 2008

Hi all

It seems there is rumours flying about from the Apple camp.  A lot of people reckon that there are going to be a few new products from the computer company coming out next month.  A few of these rumours include a brand new MacBook?  With multi touch gestures and a metallic finish.  Sounds good, but how true is that?  It could be possible as the MacBook hasn’t altered for quite a long time now and probably needs a refresh.

The second rumour is the possibility of a total iPod refresh for the holiday season (or as we know it here in the UK, for Christmas).  The one that seems to be in focus is the iPod Touch since some people have been reporting that in the code of the iPhone 2.0 firmware that was released last month, that a version 2 of the iPod Touch has been seen.  Could this be true?

If anyone knows anymore rumours surrounding this, I would like to know!