More ‘new iPod’ info!

27 08 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from the rumoured Apple Inc. mill, there is more info about the so called new Apple product event!  There are claims that there will be an announcement on 9th September. Now how accurate that is, is one thing!

The main spotlight is on the iPods and rumours of a total refresh.  The iPod Nano will undergo another change in design after going through a major redesign last year.  It will be taller, thinner and the screen appears to look slightly bigger (and you probably have to turn your Nano landscape to view videos). The iPod Touch has had further details and there are rumours that GPS will be included in the second edition of the player.

In addition, other sources claim that there are in fact a number of products due for a refresh…but Apple are saying nothing about these claims. With just under two weeks to go until the rumoured 9th September event, only time will tell if such claims come to be…I will be back with this topic again very soon as I hear more news!!!

Has anyone heard anything else? What do you think? Let me know!

New iPods on the cards?

22 08 2008

Hi all

Further to my previous blog on this subject, it seems that Apple may announce something this coming September with a total refresh of the iPod line.  It seems though that there are going to be changes to two of the iPods, the first I mentioned earlier was the iPod Touch and the second that seems to be rumoured is the iPod Nano.

Now you will probably remember last September, the iPod Nano had a new look: thinner, a bit more square and a beautiful 2.5″ screen that looks just as good as the 3.5″ screen of the iPod Classic (which I was so undecided at the time whether to get a classic or nano? See here for the details).

Now there appears that the iPod Nano will undergo yet another redesign, the details are a bit sketchy, but the new Nano will be taller yet still thin.  The screen will be narrower which suggests that to watch video, you would turn the Nano landscape. The Touch would not alter in screen size, but would have some slight cosmetic changes.

Other things flying about include a new version of iTunes (version 8.0), and iPod Touch 2.1 software (perhaps iPhone 2.1 software would come out too).  As for the iPod Shuffle and Classic, it remains unclear what will happen to these…perhaps nothing will change, how can you change the iPod Shuffle?  And as for the Classic, if there were a change, it would be the capacity perhaps?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  The iPods would have significant price drops according to rumoured sites as it would have to be cheaper than the iPhone 3G…that would be excellent news, but how would that work in the UK?  The iPods would have to be at least less than £159 (the most you will pay on a 18 month contract with O2…or will this not apply?)!

The last suggested item from rumoured sites is Apple introducing something called “iTunes Unlimited”. This would be a one year subscription service that will allow users to download and listen to music but paying one yearly subscription fee…how likely this will be can only wait.

We’ll just have to wait for a September announcement (if any), but I will come back to this subject in due course as we are bound to hear more news!

Has Apple got more things up their sleeves?

19 08 2008

Hi all

It seems there is rumours flying about from the Apple camp.  A lot of people reckon that there are going to be a few new products from the computer company coming out next month.  A few of these rumours include a brand new MacBook?  With multi touch gestures and a metallic finish.  Sounds good, but how true is that?  It could be possible as the MacBook hasn’t altered for quite a long time now and probably needs a refresh.

The second rumour is the possibility of a total iPod refresh for the holiday season (or as we know it here in the UK, for Christmas).  The one that seems to be in focus is the iPod Touch since some people have been reporting that in the code of the iPhone 2.0 firmware that was released last month, that a version 2 of the iPod Touch has been seen.  Could this be true?

If anyone knows anymore rumours surrounding this, I would like to know!

MobileMe – Good move or bad?

15 08 2008

Hi all

You may have heard recently about Apple admitting that releasing MobileMe, the replacement to .Mac, at the same time as the iPhone 3G was a mistake and perhaps what they should have done was to gradually release it soon afterwards.

It promised a lot especially updating a service like .Mac which had been around for a good while.  But there were problems, especially when 1% of MobileMe users had no access to their e-mails and some even lost some along the way.  Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs insisted that the public should know what is going on with the service while the problems were ironed out.

Eventually, they did iron the problems out soon after…but why did Apple rush to get it out?  I certainly think that the service should have been given a trial run so that some customers could try and give it a go so that Apple could see how good their service was.  But the question is, should you go and apply for MobileMe?  It certainly looks good and being able to synchronise data between computers and iPhone are certainly a plus!

E-mail problems have been sorted out and going for a trial (for 90 days) is certainly your best bet.  What do you think?  Is MobileMe good?  Let me know!

WWDC ’08 is coming!

8 06 2008

Hi all

WWDC ’08 kicks off tomorrow! So what is WWDC? It stands for Worldwide Developer’s Conference and is the event in which Apple Inc. introduce brand new products and features. Now you know what that means, let’s get down to the finer details predicted to come in tomorrow’s keynote speech addressed by Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs.

1. 3G iPhone – There is strong evidence that a brand new iPhone will be unveiled tomorrow…it is rumoured to come in two colours, black and red, have 3G support, GPS and video conferencing facilities as well as be thinner and most of all be at a reduced price in which the mobile operators will subside the costs. Sounds truly exciting because of the amazing new features! Hopefully those who have the existing iPhone will be entitled to a free upgrade. Do remember, that O2, Carphone Warehouse and the online Apple store do not sell the existing iPhone. So there is a good possibility of a brand new iPhone being released very soon.

2. iPhone software update – In version 2.0 of the software, there are some exciting new features…but the most interesting is the introduction of the App Store that will allow users to finally download applications for their iPhone! This is definitely one of the pluses – getting some exciting applications on the iPhone has been one of the missing features that should have been available in the first place…will it be released tomorrow? We will have to wait and see. In addition, developer’s have been using the iPhone SDK in beta form to develop applications for the iPhone, so there will probably be a mention of that also.

3. .Mac change? – Now over to some minor announcements. There has been rumours about a .Mac rebranding. The supposed change is to call .Mac, Me. Me is supposed to be much better than .Mac and have better support for mobile devices. I was about to sign up for .Mac, but I think I will wait and see if there is any news on this item tomorrow.

4. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard – Where did this come from? This only surfaced in the last two weeks! Sources claim that Apple will announced the next version of Mac OS X tomorrow. This version focusses on stability and security with very few changes from the current 10.5 Leopard. Apart from the name, there are reports that it will only run on Intel based Macs meaning the end of the road for all Macs which use the PowerPC G3 and G4 processors.

Well, this is what is expected to come…but who knows? None of these could feature, or perhaps some of them…or maybe something else? What are your views? Let me know.

iPhone supply runs out?

6 05 2008

Hi all

You will probably remember about a blog entry I wrote about regarding the apparent price drop of the iPhone in O2 and Carphone Warehouse. The 8Gb model dropped from £269 to £169 – a £100 price drop until 1st June. Well, it was so popular that they actually ran out of stock! Now you cannot buy the 8Gb iPhone from these stores as they ran out of stock…and the offer was going to last until the end of this month with almost a month to spare!!!

So where can you get the iPhone?? Well, if you have tried the Apple Online Store…bad luck! The online store has ran out too! They have put on their website, currently unavailable. Not even the 16Gb is in stock (despite being introduced for just a few months!). It only seems the Apple Retail Store have a handful of iPhones to sell.

So the question you may be asking is…should I buy the iPhone now…or has Apple got something new coming that we are going to get excited about? Well, there is strong indication that a ‘3G iPhone’ may be coming out in June. But with the WWDC ’08 coming up on 9th June, it makes you wonder!

Well, let’s wait and see and who knows…it maybe what everyone has been waiting for!!!

(P.S. if you are really desperate for an iPhone…try eBay or something!)

Make something for the iPhone

9 03 2008

Hi all

If you are a tech-y person, you will find this entry useful…it doesn’t mean no one else should read it though (may say something else afterwards).

If you have been reading recently, Apple have announced the long awaited iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) which allows developers to finally make their own software for the iPhone! Great news! But there’s a few things to clear up though…

1. The software developed will only be made available to download through iTunes

2. iTunes App Store that will keep a library of applications comes out in June

3. If you want your software to appear on iTunes App Store, be prepared to pay $99 at the minimum!

Nevertheless, it will excite those who want to have games and other useful applications on their iPhones. Although it will come out in the summer, it will be worth the wait as it will give developers the time they need to make good quality software (hopefully!)

What do you think? Send your comments in!

…and to end off the subject completely, let me say hi to everyone and I’m pleased to say that this Blog will be updated on a regular basis from now on! (You see, I did talk about something else didn’t I?!)