Olympics draw to a close

24 08 2008

Hi all

What a brilliant Olympics! Beijing hosted a brilliant Olympics and their closing ceremony was just as good as the opening one.  The last medal ceremony took place as well on the very last day.  But the show was absolutely brilliant!  The torch was extinguished, and the Olympic flag was officially handed over to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson!  There was a short 8 minute section featuring the famous London bus and featured Leona Lewis with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and David Beckham who kicked a ball into the athletes!

Congratulations goes to Team GB for bringing home 47 medals in which 19 of them were Gold! Now London is officially handed over the Olympics, it is time to get prepared in the next four years to 2012 where the Olympics will happen once again.  Let’s hope the passion and enthusiasm will continue for Team GB in 2012 and bring even more Gold medals home on home soil!

What did you think of this year’s Olympics? Send your comments in!

Beijing welcomes Olympics

8 08 2008

Hi all

Today is 08/08/08.  What a lucky day in China because 8 is a very lucky number there…and it is also the launch day of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing!

At the time I write this, the opening ceremony is playing and it is absolutely spectacular.  The display and wonderful ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium in the heart of Beijing is truly beautiful site!  Two weeks of Olympic action is here to come.  How will Team GB fair this time round?  I hope it is better than four years ago…hopefully a few more Gold medals would be nice…at least before 2012 when London get started!

What do you think of the 2008 Olympics…or rather what do you think of the opening ceremony?  Let me know!