The line diagrams show it all!

6 10 2008

Hi all

In the last blog entry about Shepherd’s Bush Central line station reopening (see entry below dated 5th October), I missed out something very interesting that I forgot to mention and thought I would share with you. On one Central line train, I noticed a brand new line diagram which I guess has been put up in the train in preparation for the opening of the new stations and it even includes interchanges at Shepherd’s Bush with Overground (100m walk) and White City with Wood Lane (a 250 metre walk from White City). Here’s the proof of the pudding…

Assuming it all goes to plan, Wood Lane is due to open on 12th October (this coming Sunday). So more exciting new things to come! I also assume that a new Tube Map will be out by this time.

Shepherd’s Bush Central line is now open!

5 10 2008

Hi all

Once again, they were right! Last week, Shepherd’s Bush Overground station opened its doors for the very first time. Today, Shepherd’s Bush Central line station finally reopened. So I thought it would be nice to check out the new rebuilt and refurbished station for myself.

The station platforms are not 100% complete as evidenced on the walls on the trackside, they haven’t finished the paintwork and have put up temporary roundel signs for the time being. Hopefully this will be finished very soon. The ticket hall is specious and very huge indeed, it is more than double the capacity it was before and the station has a very airy feel to it! Here are a few photos I took while there this evening…

1. The new Shepherd’s Bush Underground Roundel on a new white and blue tiling

2. As you can see, the electronic indicator boards are not fully in operation yet, and the trackside walls are in need of painting

3. The eastern side of the platform, you can clearly see both sides.

4. Both platforms taken from the eastern side of the platforms

5. The blue tiling (but notice evidence of the old platform wall behind!)

6. The brand new escalators

7. The spacious ticket hall

8. The ticket hall taken from the outside of the station

9. Shepherd’s Bush Overground station on the other side, today though it is closed

10. The main entrance of the new built station

11. Glass has been heavily used to reveal the new escalators

All in all, they have done a good job indeed ready for the opening of Westfield Shopping Centre at the end of this month. Lifts were in the original plan, but none have been installed…and the council are hoping that it will accomodated in the near future…let’s hope Shepherd’s Bush Central line station eventually becomes a step free access station just like it’s Overground one.

Now with two stations opened, it is now waiting for Wood Lane station to open, which is reported to open next Sunday (12th October). We’ll just have to wait and see!

Have you visited the new station? What do you think? Let me know!

Shepherd’s Bush Central line in good progress

29 09 2008

Hi all

As well as the opening of Shepherd’s Bush Overground station, it was worth having a look at the progress works taking place at Shepherd’s Bush Central line. The station is almost complete and will be open in good time! Here are a few shots that I took of the new look station!


The station looks very nice and spacious. According to earlier reports, Shepherd’s Bush Central line station will open on 5th October (in about a week’s time). I will be visiting the site nearer the time (and hopefully it will have reopened by then)!

What do you think? Let me know!

Is there any Green?

19 04 2008

Hi all

A subject has arisen about Shepherd’s Bush Tube station, in particular, the naming of the stations. For those who have been observing, the Hammersmith & City line station will be renamed ‘Shepherd’s Bush Market’ in late 2008 to avoid confusion when Shepherd’s Bush Central line station reopens its doors.

But now, there are claims that Shepherd’s Bush Central line station will also be renamed to ‘Shepherd’s Bush Green’. This is not so convincing though. I took a photo of a line diagram a few days ago while I was awaiting for a train at Hanger Lane station.

On the line diagram, you will have noticed that ‘Shepherd’s Bush Green’ is on the diagram…suggesting that the station maybe renamed, but don’t be fooled! This has been on the line diagram for quite a few years now. If you visit Queensway or Lancaster Gate for example which are two stations that had their refurbishment, you will notice that the station is simply ‘Shepherd’s Bush’ giving no suggestion whatsoever that a rename is due. And why would they do it? Besides, they are going to rename the Hammersmith & City line station for this very reason, to avoid confusion with the two existing station. At the same time, the London Overground station is called Shepherd’s Bush and will be a direct interchange with the Central line, so renaming this will cause even more confusion!

What does anyone else think? Let me know!

Chancery Lane mystery on map revealed?

24 03 2008

I thought I would investigate what the mysterious dagger symbol next to Chancery Lane was on the latest pocket Tube Map meant as there is no indication whatsoever of why it is there!

I managed to look at one of the big poster maps that confirms that Chancery Lane is open Monday to Friday from 14th January 2008 until early 2009.

Has anyone noticed Chancery Lane closed in the weekends? Let me know…otherwise I’ll have to travel down there to see if this is the case!