Eurovision fever – part 3

26 05 2008

Hi all

A little late I know, but here is my final part on my take of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

And so here we reached the final! 25 countries, including 20 from the semi-final, the 4 big contributing countries and the host country. What did I think? Before I answer the question, here is my take on the other five countries that appeared in the final…

1. United Kingdom – An excellent song! The X Factor runner up, Andy Abraham delivered a brilliant song and the audience did like it! Good job!

2. Germany – A typical pop song from a girl group. It did sound a little out of key in places, but it was otherwise a not bad tune.

3. France – A very strange choice! Sung mostly in English…the backing singers dressed in sunglasses with false wigs, beards and moustaches (yes, including the women!).

4. Spain – Another strange choice! A rap, this tune has a catchy feel to it.

5. Serbia – A strong ballad and a nice tune from the host country.

The contest overall in terms of songs was a good year! And there were a quite a number I did like! Not usually, but this one was a good show. We may have had a few odd ones, but that is what Eurovision is about, all about having fun and a good time! The green room people were crazy…you often wonder why they need to shout loud when they are so close to you on the screen…and have microphones that are loud enough thank you very much!

But now to the other part of the show…the voting! This year may have introduced two semi-finals, but it did allow all countries in the contest to vote…and that was the problem! The subject of block voting was back and as usual, points were going to the neighbouring countries once again…it was no surprise that Russia won! But the song wasn’t too bad though, so they should get a congratulations nevertheless!

Terry Wogan was disappointed this year and commented that Western Europe will probably not stand a chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest…he got to a point of wondering if he should do anymore.

And what of the UK? Well it didn’t do too well in voting…only getting votes from San Marino and Ireland. But it wasn’t the only one that had poor scores…look at Sweden and Denmark for instance, some great tunes and no good votes there either.

Truly disappointing…should we, in the UK, continue? Should we pull out of the competition? Is there any point? Comments please! Agree or disagree…have your say!

Eurovision fever – part 2

22 05 2008

Hi all

And so the second semi-final draws to a close in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. And how did it compare to the first one on Tuesday? Well, let’s say it was much better than the first. Once again, I’ll be going through some highlights and here they are!

Lithuania – A solo singer with long hair…who I think did sing a bit out of tune in some places. But a brave effort nevertheless!

Malta – Malta tend to have some great tunes. This was in fact different to their previous attempts. I enjoyed the tune though! It didn’t make it though!

There were others, but they are mentioned in the list that went through.

And what about the ones who went through?

1. Iceland – A typical pop tune. But not too bad.

2. Sweden – A very good tune with Eurovision flavour. Performed by a former winner of the Eurovision, could she make it two in a row?

3. Turkey – A rock driven tune sung in Turkish…not my favourite though.

4. Ukraine – The set included men in boxes. Another pop tune gets the vote.

5. Albania – Another rock type tune, sung by a sixteen year old girl.

6. Latvia – For those who are a fan of props, this is a song for you! It had a pirate style theme to it and a catchy chorus made it a worthy contender for the final.

7. Croatia – I am very disappointed to see this go through. In fact, I did not like the song, or the rapper (called 75 Cent apparently).

8. Denmark – If a laid back tune is your type of thing, check this one out! I enjoyed this tune and it definitely deserved to go through!

9. Georgia – It’s okay…not my favourite either. A rock, pop type ballad.

10. Portugal – And another one which of folk style. Not my type of tune either.

Other songs that did not make the vote included Switzerland which was sung in Italian with a piano driven beat. Not bad, but not in the final! The Czech Republic had a dance style beat to it which was not bad either. I quite liked Belarus this time in the competition with its catchy chorus, but it didn’t make it. And what happened to Bulgaria? A great dance tune and unfortunately, we won’t hear it again! You can now work out what my top 10 would have been I think!

So overall, there were some good songs…far better than the first 19 songs we heard in the first semi-final!

The UK did get a chance to vote tonight…so hope you did vote! With all 25 countries announced, get ready for Saturday night for the event that everyone has been waiting for, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest! It will be one good show!

What did you think of this second semi-final? Let me know!!!

Eurovision fever – part 1

20 05 2008

Hi all

Did you watch the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? This year, there are two semi-finals and tonight was the first one!

What was my overall feeling of the first semi-final? Lukewarm is what I will say!

Here are a few highlights:

Moldova – A jazzy song…the woman can’t resist that teddy bear!

Estonia – those three men! What was that about? I will never quite understand the large food boards that were displayed on stage!

Belgium – A typical folk song…but certainly not their best!

Ireland – perhaps the worst one I have seen from the country that used to win the Eurovision every year at one time! Making a turkey play the part was perhaps a big mistake!

And those who went through…

1. Israel – not bad…I thought a woman was singing the song at the start! A song written by former Eurovision winner, Dana International by the way.

2. Azerbaijan – as the commentator said, it was like Jonathan Ross meets Philip Schofield and they both sing on stage! Expect some high pitch parts!

3. Norway – This is a pretty good song and what I personally thought was the first proper song in the running order.

4. Poland – A good ballad, so it was okay to go through.

5. Bosnia-Herzegovina – It is a good song, but what ridiculous props on stage.

6. Armenia – Okay, I would have preferred Andorra to go through than this song!

7. Finland – They’ve done rock before…and this one’s no exception…and no wonder why it went through!

8. Romania – A typical ballad tune…nothing more

9. Russia – Another balladry tune, but not too bad.

10. Greece – A catchy tune and the first country announced to go through. A good choice!

A few songs that were okay but did not go through were Andorra which I personally thought was a good tune (and disappointed not to go through) and Slovenia was not bad either. The Netherlands had a eastern European style which was nice, but that didn’t go through either.

The UK did not vote in this semi-final because they do not belong to this block…but we do have a chance in the second semi-final on Thursday! I’ll be back with a report on that show!

And so the first ten join along with finalists the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and the host country Serbia in the Final. With only ten more places to go and another 19 countries to listen to in the second semi-final…there’s still a chance of a good song perhaps?

What did you think of this first semi-final Eurovision Song Contest? Let me know!