Is there any Green?

19 04 2008

Hi all

A subject has arisen about Shepherd’s Bush Tube station, in particular, the naming of the stations. For those who have been observing, the Hammersmith & City line station will be renamed ‘Shepherd’s Bush Market’ in late 2008 to avoid confusion when Shepherd’s Bush Central line station reopens its doors.

But now, there are claims that Shepherd’s Bush Central line station will also be renamed to ‘Shepherd’s Bush Green’. This is not so convincing though. I took a photo of a line diagram a few days ago while I was awaiting for a train at Hanger Lane station.

On the line diagram, you will have noticed that ‘Shepherd’s Bush Green’ is on the diagram…suggesting that the station maybe renamed, but don’t be fooled! This has been on the line diagram for quite a few years now. If you visit Queensway or Lancaster Gate for example which are two stations that had their refurbishment, you will notice that the station is simply ‘Shepherd’s Bush’ giving no suggestion whatsoever that a rename is due. And why would they do it? Besides, they are going to rename the Hammersmith & City line station for this very reason, to avoid confusion with the two existing station. At the same time, the London Overground station is called Shepherd’s Bush and will be a direct interchange with the Central line, so renaming this will cause even more confusion!

What does anyone else think? Let me know!