iPhone 2.1 software has arrived!

12 09 2008

Hi all

Finally, some new stuff! After the exciting news over the new iPod range, we iPhone 3G customers finally get a well earned update. Did iPhone 2.1 software live up to expectations? Well, after installing the update, a few great features have been added.

The Genius feature for the iPod is fantastic! After installing the new version of iTunes (version 8.0), you can get the Genius feature activated which will allow you to use it on your iPhone.  And it is a brilliant feature! It generates a playlist based on the type of song you select. You can then play it and save it if you like the tunes.

Aside this, Apple can be praised for making backups from the iPhone to iTunes faster as it took an awfully long time to backup previously to the point that I had to cancel the job just to get the rest of my content synchronised. So no more waiting around! The second excellent feature, is the installation of applications via the App Store on the iPhone. It is much quicker to install now so you don’t need to wait endlessly for just one application to install. Just imagine how long it took to update several applications? No more!

Well those are the major features I will cover…but there are some other tidbits added to the iPhone 2.1 software, but I think you should check it out for yourself!

What do you think of the update? Good or bad? Let me know!

iPhone 3G to go on Pay & Go

2 09 2008

Hi all

The iPhone 3G has been around for a while (just short of two months) and in that time, it has been pretty difficult to get hold of one (me included).  And I must say, it is my coolest device of the year!


The iPhone 3G is now available at this time and I’m sure many of you can easily get your hands on one including the white 16Gb model which has recently become available in the UK!

O2 has now announced a brand new option, it is going to be on Pay & Go for those who don’t want to go on the 18 month contract option (which in my opinion is the preferred option overall).  O2 will launch this service on 16th September now that the stock of iPhone 3G’s are regular.

However, despite this being good news to Pay & Go customers, there are two drawbacks…the first is that you will not have the Visual Voicemail option, it will be the plain old classic voicemail option (so if you want to hear the third message, you will have to hear the first two).  The second, which is probably the biggest of all drawbacks is the price!  For Pay & Go customers, an 8Gb model will cost you £349.99, and the 16Gb model will cost more priced at £399.99!  Now if you can afford this, well good for you…however, I am sure that there are many people who wouldn’t even dream of paying such a hefty price for this phone!!!

So the next question is, what’s the deal? What will you get offered if you use this option? Well, O2 have given a guideline of what you can get if you top up a certain amount a month. Between £10 and £14, you will get 500 minutes a month, between £15 and £29, you will get 1,000 minutes a month and for £30 or more, you will get unlimited minutes a month. But bear in mind, this only applies to calls as you will be charged 10p for a text message.

And how about Mobile Internet then? Well O2 have offered Pay & Go customers who buy the iPhone 3G using this option will receive 12 months free unlimited Internet access. After that, you’ll need to pay £10 a month to continue with this benefit.

So what alternatives are there then, if you are not prepared to pay for the iPhone 3G on Pay & Go?  Well there are two…first and most obvious option is to go on Pay Monthly as the prices of the iPhone 3G are far less…the maximum you will pay is £159 for a 16Gb model on £35 tariff for example.  The second option is to find someone who has an original iPhone who would be prepared to offer you so you can enjoy these benefits…except you won’t get 3G and the free 12 month unlimited access!

What do you think of O2’s Pay & Go deals? A good deal or bad deal? Let me know!

New iPods on the cards?

22 08 2008

Hi all

Further to my previous blog on this subject, it seems that Apple may announce something this coming September with a total refresh of the iPod line.  It seems though that there are going to be changes to two of the iPods, the first I mentioned earlier was the iPod Touch and the second that seems to be rumoured is the iPod Nano.

Now you will probably remember last September, the iPod Nano had a new look: thinner, a bit more square and a beautiful 2.5″ screen that looks just as good as the 3.5″ screen of the iPod Classic (which I was so undecided at the time whether to get a classic or nano? See here for the details).

Now there appears that the iPod Nano will undergo yet another redesign, the details are a bit sketchy, but the new Nano will be taller yet still thin.  The screen will be narrower which suggests that to watch video, you would turn the Nano landscape. The Touch would not alter in screen size, but would have some slight cosmetic changes.

Other things flying about include a new version of iTunes (version 8.0), and iPod Touch 2.1 software (perhaps iPhone 2.1 software would come out too).  As for the iPod Shuffle and Classic, it remains unclear what will happen to these…perhaps nothing will change, how can you change the iPod Shuffle?  And as for the Classic, if there were a change, it would be the capacity perhaps?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  The iPods would have significant price drops according to rumoured sites as it would have to be cheaper than the iPhone 3G…that would be excellent news, but how would that work in the UK?  The iPods would have to be at least less than £159 (the most you will pay on a 18 month contract with O2…or will this not apply?)!

The last suggested item from rumoured sites is Apple introducing something called “iTunes Unlimited”. This would be a one year subscription service that will allow users to download and listen to music but paying one yearly subscription fee…how likely this will be can only wait.

We’ll just have to wait for a September announcement (if any), but I will come back to this subject in due course as we are bound to hear more news!

MobileMe – Good move or bad?

15 08 2008

Hi all

You may have heard recently about Apple admitting that releasing MobileMe, the replacement to .Mac, at the same time as the iPhone 3G was a mistake and perhaps what they should have done was to gradually release it soon afterwards.

It promised a lot especially updating a service like .Mac which had been around for a good while.  But there were problems, especially when 1% of MobileMe users had no access to their e-mails and some even lost some along the way.  Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs insisted that the public should know what is going on with the service while the problems were ironed out.

Eventually, they did iron the problems out soon after…but why did Apple rush to get it out?  I certainly think that the service should have been given a trial run so that some customers could try and give it a go so that Apple could see how good their service was.  But the question is, should you go and apply for MobileMe?  It certainly looks good and being able to synchronise data between computers and iPhone are certainly a plus!

E-mail problems have been sorted out and going for a trial (for 90 days) is certainly your best bet.  What do you think?  Is MobileMe good?  Let me know!

My thoughts on the App Store

6 08 2008

Hi all

I said I was going to write an entry on this, so here goes!  With the launch of the new iPhone 3G comes something people always wanted…applications on their iPhones!  Wouldn’t it be nice to download some games and useful programs while on the road?  That reality is here!  Welcome to the App Store!

The App Store contains a wealth of applications for the iPhone.  It is pretty straightforward to get an application and better experienced on the iPhone 3G (or iPhone, if you still hold one), just tap the App Store icon and you can search for applications from there.  While some applications you need to pay for, there are a wealth of some excellent free applications that are worth a look.  Among some of my favourite applications including…Facebook which is free, Crash Bandicoot Kart 3D which is an excellent kart game and Remote which allows you to control your iTunes music via your iPhone.

But there are plenty of choices for everyone, so have a look today and tell me what applications you like and would recommend others to get hold of!!

My thoughts on iPhone 3G

5 08 2008

Hi all

I thought it was time to give you a short review of what I think of the iPhone 3G.  In summary, all I can say at this stage is, it is fantastic!  Since my last review, Apple have made some improvements to the updated model.  Among the new features include…

1. 3G – It is fast!  I have tried web browsing while on the walking out and about and when 3G works, it loads web pages pretty well.  A great improvement to EDGE which took ages to load…you can’t hang around can you?

2. Maps with GPS – A major improvement to this excellent application!  As well as the excellent Google Maps, there is a GPS built in!  I tried it outside and navigated and it works pretty well.  Doesn’t work too well indoors, but it certainly worked when I was outside in several places.

3. App Store – Now you can download applications to the App Store!  This is a fantastic way to customise your iPhone!  I will review this feature in a future blog entry.

These are the major new features…there are improvements including a search feature in Contacts (including unusually enough a separate Contacts application (duplicated in the Phone application)), a new Calculator with standard (portrait) and scientific (landscape) and the ability to save images in both Safari and Mail!

There is still a lot more I have to try, but so far, I can honestly say that it was worth the upgrade.  It was so easy to transfer the SIM from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G and activation was far more easier than before!

So I think it is a good phone…but what do you think of the iPhone 3G?  Do you like it?  Let me know!

Unboxing the iPhone 3G

3 08 2008

Hi all

Now that I have got the iPhone 3G at last, I thought I would post some photos of the unboxing of the iPhone 3G, so here goes…

1. Holding the iPhone 3G box

2. The back of the box (and proof it is 16Gb!)

3. The side of the iPhone 3G box

4. Opening the box…

5. The box is opened!

6. The iPhone 3G as new

7. The back of the iPhone 3G black model

8. The iPhones side by side, the original iPhone (left) and iPhone 3G (right)

9. The entire contents of the iPhone 3G

Looks good eh?  What do you think of the iPhone 3G?  Have you tried and used?  Let me know!  My personal review of the iPhone 3G will follow shortly…got to charge it and give it a go!

First look at the iPhone 3G box

2 08 2008

Here’s a look at the actual iPhone 3G box I bought today!

More details to come!


Welcome to iPhone 3G…at last!

2 08 2008

Hi all

At last! 22 days after the launch of the iPhone 3G in the UK, I have finally got my hands on the 16Gb black model of the phone! And it has been worth the wait!

I will be taking photos of the iPhone 3G unboxed later, so come back later to the blog for all the latest!

All I will say for now is I am totally stoked!

How were you feeling when you got your hands on the iPhone 3G? Let me know!

First look at iPhone 3G

14 07 2008

Hi all

I thought it would was time to check out Apple’s brand new product, the iPhone 3G!  I travelled down to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London to check out the product itself!

When entering the store, it was clear that a lot of people were interested in the new product!

1. iPhone 3G is advertised in full…

It took a bit of time for me to actually try out the new phone for myself and actually ended upstairs instead! Finally, there was an iPhone 3G I could try…although there was a lot of smudges…it is prone to these things though.  But the photo below was my first feel of the model…

2. The iPhone 3G itself!

3. The back of the iPhone 3G.  This is a black model.

I took these photos using my current iPhone!  It feels good to use, although I recently updated my iPhone to the version 2.0 software and am already enjoying the features of the iPhone with a new feature that allows you to download applications to your phone!  The only difference is that I want a 16Gb model, I have no 3G and no GPS feature in Maps!

While I was there, I thought I would take a shot of the MobileMe box. I consider joining it soon.

Overall, the iPhone 3G is good.  The problem is when I will be able to upgrade the phone because I cannot do it in Apple Stores unfortunately.  So I will have to wait!  Hopefully, when I do get my hands on one, I will write another blog entry of unboxing the new iPhone 3G for real!

What do you think of the iPhone 3G?  Let me know!