First look at the new iPods

15 09 2008

Hi all!

After the announcement of the new iPod range, I thought it was time to check the new iPods out for myself. This time, I thought I would visit my local Apple Store in Brent Cross!

The first thing I had to try was the brand new iPod Nano. The colour that attracted me was the orange model and as you can see in the photo below, I am holding the real thing!

1. I hold the iPod Nano for the first time!

2. The back of the iPod Nano

The impressive features include the accelerometer built-in to the new iPod Nano. You can check Cover Flow and great video when you turn the iPod Nano to landscape.  But photos get the added benefit of the ability to see them both portrait and landscape, something the Nano did not have before!

3. Video on landscape mode

The feature I was eager to try was the Shake to Shuffle feature which involves simply shaking the iPod Nano briefly while a song is playing to change to a new song randomly. Thanks to the accelerometer which allows such a feature to even work! Overall, it sure going to attract people especially the wide range of colours available. If you still haven’t got an iPod and you want a great affordable model, get the iPod Nano. You can get the 8Gb model for £109 and the new 16Gb model for £149. At the time I was at the Apple Store, they did not have the 16Gb model available yet, but I was told it would be available in the next week or so. So if you thinking of getting the 16Gb model, just wait!

After enjoying some time playing on the iPod Nano, I thought I would quickly check the brand new iPod Touch which is dubbed as the ‘Funnest iPod Ever’, sounds a whole load of fun! (note: for those who thought I wrote funniest, read again!)

It is really thin and nice to use! The new iPod Touch has volume controls on the side, and a built in speaker! Handy because if you are playing games, for example, you can listen to the sound rather than stick on headphones for that reason alone! Decent sound, but nothing replaces the headphone or stereo speakers, so don’t depend on the built in speaker!

4. The new iPod Touch

Other than the appearance, this is the only iPod to feature Nike + iPod. This is a fitness tool which works with the transmitter accessory, which is sold separately. The iPod Touch has a built in receiver so you don’t need to plug the receiver into the bottom of the iPod Touch.

5. The back of the iPod Touch

Now that you can download thousands of applications via the App Store, the iPod Touch is a great iPod to own…next to the iPhone…and great if you are interested in entertainment and music rather than having a mobile phone. So what models are on offer? There are three different capacity models, the 8Gb model costs £169, the 16Gb model costs £219 and the huge 32Gb model costs £289 (£40 less than the previous version). So you really decide how much you want to store! But all models do the same thing!

What do you think of the new iPod range? Have you tried them yet? Let me know!

New iPod line

11 09 2008

Hi all

Did you hear the major announcement from Apple?  Well let me tell you a few details…yesterday, Apple unveil their brand new iPod range which did excite!

The major refresh was of course, the iPod Nano.  Sporting a new design, the 2 inch screen can be turned to landscape thanks to the Accelerometer technology built in.  In addition, there is a brand new interface and from what I’ve seen, it looks really cool! In addition to this, the coolest feature has to be the shuffle feature.  Simply shake the iPod Nano and a new track plays randomly! So what about the pricing? Well the iPod Nano comes in nine colours, so you will spoilt for choice!

The prices are for an 8Gb, it costs just £109, while the 16Gb model will cost £149.  They are pretty good prices and something worth going for…might consider getting one!

The iPod Touch had a refresh too, other than the brilliant 3.5 inch screen, the new iPod Touch had new features including a stainless steel backing, volume controls and a built in speaker which Steve Jobs described is for “casual listening”. Good for games and applications that don’t need the headphones! Also, the Nike + iPod application is included with a built in receiver.

Both models feature an excellent feature called Genius, this brilliant tool intelligently creates a playlist based on the song you are listening to! Cool!

So what about the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. Well, although not mentioned in the keynote speech, the iPod Shuffle has brand new colours but the specification remains the same. As for the iPod Classic, a brand new 120Gb model has been released while the 80Gb and 160Gb were dropped, so now there is just one model priced at £179, the same price as the 80Gb model.

Other news includes a brand new version of iTunes, version 8 which features a new way of playing your music plus you can now buy High Definition movies…although this has not come to the UK yet. And finally, iPhone 2.1 software which is due out tomorrow (Friday).

So there you go…lots of new stuff! What do you think of the news? Let me know!

Apple announce a media event!

2 09 2008

Hi all

I’ve been following the rumour mill about a possible event on 9th September 2008 that would introduce a brand new refreshed iPod Nano and an updated iPod Touch.  Well it appears that Apple have officially announced this date calling the event ‘Let’s Rock’.  That event name is enough to suggest that it is indeed a music event…what could be in store?  Well, we will have to wait and see on 9th September, which is exactly a week away.

Some people however are not keen on the new iPod Nano look that has been suggested in photos and all sorts…but you never know, it could be a great release!  If they do release an updated iPod Touch, let’s just hope it is much cheaper than what is currently available and perhaps far cheaper than the iPhone 3G!

So what do you think everyone? Are you excited? Will you get a new iPod when it is officially released? Send your comments in!!!

More ‘new iPod’ info!

27 08 2008

Hi all

Continuing on from the rumoured Apple Inc. mill, there is more info about the so called new Apple product event!  There are claims that there will be an announcement on 9th September. Now how accurate that is, is one thing!

The main spotlight is on the iPods and rumours of a total refresh.  The iPod Nano will undergo another change in design after going through a major redesign last year.  It will be taller, thinner and the screen appears to look slightly bigger (and you probably have to turn your Nano landscape to view videos). The iPod Touch has had further details and there are rumours that GPS will be included in the second edition of the player.

In addition, other sources claim that there are in fact a number of products due for a refresh…but Apple are saying nothing about these claims. With just under two weeks to go until the rumoured 9th September event, only time will tell if such claims come to be…I will be back with this topic again very soon as I hear more news!!!

Has anyone heard anything else? What do you think? Let me know!

New iPods on the cards?

22 08 2008

Hi all

Further to my previous blog on this subject, it seems that Apple may announce something this coming September with a total refresh of the iPod line.  It seems though that there are going to be changes to two of the iPods, the first I mentioned earlier was the iPod Touch and the second that seems to be rumoured is the iPod Nano.

Now you will probably remember last September, the iPod Nano had a new look: thinner, a bit more square and a beautiful 2.5″ screen that looks just as good as the 3.5″ screen of the iPod Classic (which I was so undecided at the time whether to get a classic or nano? See here for the details).

Now there appears that the iPod Nano will undergo yet another redesign, the details are a bit sketchy, but the new Nano will be taller yet still thin.  The screen will be narrower which suggests that to watch video, you would turn the Nano landscape. The Touch would not alter in screen size, but would have some slight cosmetic changes.

Other things flying about include a new version of iTunes (version 8.0), and iPod Touch 2.1 software (perhaps iPhone 2.1 software would come out too).  As for the iPod Shuffle and Classic, it remains unclear what will happen to these…perhaps nothing will change, how can you change the iPod Shuffle?  And as for the Classic, if there were a change, it would be the capacity perhaps?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  The iPods would have significant price drops according to rumoured sites as it would have to be cheaper than the iPhone 3G…that would be excellent news, but how would that work in the UK?  The iPods would have to be at least less than £159 (the most you will pay on a 18 month contract with O2…or will this not apply?)!

The last suggested item from rumoured sites is Apple introducing something called “iTunes Unlimited”. This would be a one year subscription service that will allow users to download and listen to music but paying one yearly subscription fee…how likely this will be can only wait.

We’ll just have to wait for a September announcement (if any), but I will come back to this subject in due course as we are bound to hear more news!

Has Apple got more things up their sleeves?

19 08 2008

Hi all

It seems there is rumours flying about from the Apple camp.  A lot of people reckon that there are going to be a few new products from the computer company coming out next month.  A few of these rumours include a brand new MacBook?  With multi touch gestures and a metallic finish.  Sounds good, but how true is that?  It could be possible as the MacBook hasn’t altered for quite a long time now and probably needs a refresh.

The second rumour is the possibility of a total iPod refresh for the holiday season (or as we know it here in the UK, for Christmas).  The one that seems to be in focus is the iPod Touch since some people have been reporting that in the code of the iPhone 2.0 firmware that was released last month, that a version 2 of the iPod Touch has been seen.  Could this be true?

If anyone knows anymore rumours surrounding this, I would like to know!

What technology we have this year!

18 01 2008

Hi all

Sorry for what appears to be a once in a while activity! But I thought it was time to say something!

So what does the title of this blog entry mean? Well if you have been reading the technology news, you will have read about Macworld 2008! The biggest release for Apple was the Macbook Air, the world’s thinnest notebook! Check out the photo below to see how thin and cool this device really is!

Thin huh? It does have few things though to be thin. It doesn’t have an optical drive (which you have to pay £65 for) and has one USB port, not good if you need to connect more than one device…but Apple’s argument is that you will be using the built in wireless technology. Fair enough, but what about those who don’t use wireless???

In addition, check out the prices, an 80Gb HDD version is costs £1,199. And then there is the 60Gb solid state disk version. What’s that? Well in short, it is a flash drive. To get one of those will cost you £2,028! What an odd looking price, but it is expensive because of the flash drive!

As well as this brand new notebook, there were other announcements…

1. iPhone update – the iPhone has finally got an update and includes new features to Maps, and now you can customise the Home Screen! What a great feature…one thing that has not been added is copy/paste! Why, oh why??

2. iPod Touch update – good news for iPod Touch users, you can now get five cool apps to add to your device (why didn’t they think of that earlier??) – you can now send and receive e-mail (although via Wi-fi only), view maps, stocks and weather plus add notes! To update your device, be prepared to pay £12.99!

3. Time Capsule – A wireless router and hard disk! Great when you can backup more than one computer to this device…good!

4. Apple TV – a new version and finally movie rentals are on the cards! Imagine now you can sit at home and rent movies on demand without going out on a wet and stormy night!

What do you think of these announcements? Impressed or disappointed? Give your feedback!