Peep Show is fab!

25 06 2008

Hi all

What do you think of Peep Show! This is comic genius and has been making me laugh for the last few weeks! I recently bought the latest series on DVD only because I hadn’t watched all the episodes (I admit I haven’t watched any of the latest series because I keep missing it…or I am out).

But I have been watching it right from the beginning. Something to laugh about when you are having a night in (don’t we all?). If you haven’t seen it, then I recommend you check it out…get it on DVD! Or if you are a digital fan (and that does not include DVD in this sense), then why not download it on iTunes? All five series are available.

Okay, l’ll end here…got to watch another one…

(p.s. I am bound to come back to this subject again…so please forgive me if I ever do!)