Respect learner drivers!

22 06 2008

Hi all

The most annoying thing of the day for me is when qualified, ignorant drivers sound their horn to learner drivers because they are too slow! Why? What’s the hurry?

To all qualified drivers who have the cheek to sound your horn, you were once learner drivers weren’t you? You had to do driving lessons like the learners and you had to take the driving test to get where you are today? Right? Then why do some of you have a go at the current learners on the road just because they were hesitant to go? Or perhaps are driving slowly because they want to reach the correct speed limit of the road? You all need patience. You need to respect the learners as we all were once in that position.

I got really annoyed with the driver behind me that sounded their horn when I was driving behind a learner at a roundabout. I mean I wasn’t going to sound my horn…they are only learning! That same driver who sounded their horn even blocked a Keep Clear section of road…where are your driving manners???

What’s your point of view? Do you agree with me? If not, why not (and why must you disagree)? Let me know!