On the Network: October 2008

14 10 2008

Hi all

It’s now time for a round up on the projects happening on London Underground and London Overground this month…

Shepherd’s Bush (Central Line) – The Central line station reopened on 5th October 2008. The station sports a large modern ticket hall with replacement escalators.  The station itself has been given a total refurbishment with white and blue tiling throughout. At the time of opening, the trackside walls were yet to be painted. Lifts have been promised at some point in the future. Watch this space!

Wood Lane and Shepherd’s Bush Market – Wood Lane station on the Hammersmith & City line officially opened on 12th October 2008 being the last station in the area to open for Westfield, the newest shopping centre in London. The station is the first in over 70 years to open on an existing line. Wood Lane station is a 200m walk from White City station on the Central line. Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City) station was officially renamed Shepherd’s Bush Market.

London Overground works – Works are progressing well on London Overground with the reopening of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line on 30th September 2008. Willesden Junction to Gospel Oak via West Hampstead remains closed until mid-November for the rebuilding of the Hampstead Heath tunnel.

Acton Town – Refurbishment works have been taking place over the last few weekends at Acton Town. But the works are nearly complete with brand new signage plus the installation of new lifts making the station fully accessible.

Other Tube station refurbishment works – There are several refurbishment works ongoing during this month including St. Paul’s, Edgware, Hounslow West, Osterley, Queensbury and Canons Park. I will be letting you know the progress of these works in the forthcoming On the Network entries. 

That’s your round up of the projects happening this month. Check out more On the Network next month!

Imperial Wharf?? Not on my map!

3 10 2008

Hi all

With Shepherd’s Bush Overground station now open, one often questions about Imperial Wharf station. What is happening? Well back in July 2008, it was reported that Imperial Wharf was starting construction. But after all this time, there is no mention of Imperial Wharf, not even on the Tube Maps! Well, if that was something, there appears to be evidence that Imperial Wharf will appear on London Overground maps in the future as evidenced from the line diagram at Shepherd’s Bush station…

Even with the actual line diagram covered up with this temporary one, you can see a missing gap between West Brompton and Clapham Junction…underneath that is Imperial Wharf! So yes, it will eventually appear on the maps…but not for now!

Shepherd’s Bush Overground is now open!

29 09 2008

Hi all

They were right! Yesterday (28th September), Shepherd’s Bush Overground finally opened its doors to the public after a delay last year in which the northbound platform was deemed too narrow and had to be widened. But now it is all sorted out and today, I decided to pay a visit to the all new station to be built on the West London line of London Overground. After waiting half an hour at Willesden Junction missing the Clapham Junction train that had left just a few minutes before, I step onto another to check out the new station. I was impressed when the train had arrived at Shepherd’s Bush station. It is even the first to sport the brand new London Overground roundels! Here is an small gallery of the all new station:

1. The station looking northbound

2. The station looking southbound

3. View of the new Westfield Shopping Centre

4. The new Shepherd’s Bush Overground roundel sign

5. The corridor link to the ticket office

6. The new station building

What are my thoughts of the new station? I think it looks very well built and very clean (well at the time I was there anyway!). Very spacious and complete step free access from the station entrance, ticket hall, right to the station platforms. A very exciting addition to what is becoming a growing area of West London! If you haven’t visited the station, do have a look!

In addition, some of you may have noticed on maps online at the TfL website that does not show the new timetable with times of trains serving Shepherd’s Bush Overground. I picked up the following leaflet from Shepherd’s Bush Overground which has the new timetable!

7. The leaflet with the new timetable

What do you think of the new station? Let me know!

On the Network: September 2008

16 09 2008

Hi all

It is that time of round again to check out what is happening on the Tube network and London Overground this month…

London Overground closures – As many of you know, this month saw parts of the London Overground network closed for engineering work from 1st September. In summary, there is no service on the Gospel Oak to Barking line and no service on the North London line between Willesden Junction and Gospel Oak via West Hampstead. The Watford Junction to Euston service has been altered such that on Mondays to Saturdays, the Watford Junction trains will divert via the Primrose Hill junction to meet Camden Road to Stratford rather than go to Euston, while on Sundays, a normal service will run (although Willesden Junction to Stratford trains will run). All other Overground services will run as normal. 

Shepherd’s Bush (Overground) – According to weekend closure posters, Shepherd’s Bush Overground will be opening on 28th September. I will be checking out this nearer the time, but it will be exciting indeed!

Shepherd’s Bush (Central line) – The station building is looking good and it is set to be on target to open next month. I will be taking photos of the latest progress very soon, so check the Blog for more info!

Wood Lane – The station building and platforms look complete now. All signage has been placed up. The station will be open in October in which at the same time, Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City line) will be renamed Shepherd’s Bush Market. More details next month.

These are the major updates for this month. Check On the Network next month for a lot more substantial news as the above open!

Confusing details on London Overground closures

2 09 2008

Hi all

Another blog entry again for today!  I’ve just stumbled over some confusing details about the London Overground closures that took place from yesterday (1st September).  The puzzling information is regarding Camden Road station!  According to the closure leaflet (click here), Camden Road is served by London Overground trains between Watford Junction and Stratford via Camden Road (note this!).  The leaflet states “Trains from Watford Junction/Willesden Junction will stop at all stations to South Hampstead, followed by Camden Road and then all stations to Stratford”.

However, check the London Overground network map (click here) and you will notice that Camden Road is not served at all by Watford Junction and Stratford trains!  Has the author made a mistake?

In addition, to an earlier blog entry I wrote, the maps appear to suggest that Shepherd’s Bush Overground station will open in ‘October 2008’ yet a weekend closure map suggested that the station would open on 28th September 2008.  And where’s Imperial Wharf??? Mysteries that need answers! Let’s see if the authors of the maps make the corrections soon!

In addition, shouldn’t the Tube Map receive and update on the closures?

Shepherd’s Bush Overground will finally open!

31 08 2008

Hi all

It seems a very long time now with the delay of the opening of Shepherd’s Bush Overground. This was because TfL were unhappy with the wall Northbound which made the platform narrow. But they were recently pushed back.

However, today I was at Willesden Junction station and noticed on one of the station closures map that Shepherd’s Bush Overground station finally has an opening date! It will open on 28th September 2008. That will mean that it will open before Shepherd’s Bush Central line station which opens in mid October. Check the photo below for confirmation! I will probably pay a visit around that time, it should be good!

Closures to London Overground coming!

29 08 2008

Hi all

You will probably be aware of the London Overground closures coming from Monday 1st September 2008. I wrote an earlier blog sometime ago about the closures in detail.  Click here for full details.

In summary, the following closures will take place:

  • Gospel Oak – Willesden Junction: 1st September to 17th November 2008.
  • Gospel Oak – Barking line: 1st September to 29th September 2008.
  • Gospel Oak – Camden Road: 22nd September to 29th September 2008.
Replacement bus services are planned during the closure. Although the Watford Junction – Euston line is unaffected, the route will be altered so that Watford Junction trains will go towards Stratford via Primrose Hill on Mondays – Saturdays. The normal route will run only on Sundays.  The West London line runs as normal (Willesden Junction to Clapham Junction) and there is service between Willesden Junction and Richmond.
So what is going on?  Well as well as track replacement work, there will be replacing bridges (mainly on the Gospel Oak to Barking line) and the widening of a tunnel (that being the Hampstead Heath Tunnel).
What do you think of these closures? What alternatives are you going to take? Let me know!

Major works on London Overground

30 06 2008

Hi all

London Overground is having a rejig from September. This means real disruption as National Rail will be doing some major works. This includes widening a tunnel (I presume this is the Hampstead Heath Tunnel) and rebuilding two bridges.

What does it mean to the services on London Overground? Well it means that some lines will be completely closed!

The lines that are closing include:

1. Gospel Oak to Barking line
Closed from 1st September to 28th September.

2. Willesden Junction to Camden Road
Divided into two closures…
a. Willesden Junction to Gospel Oak – Closed from 1st September to 16th November.
b. Gospel Oak to Camden Road – Closed 22nd to 28th September.

Lines running will include the following:
1. Watford Junction to Stratford – this route would use the Primrose Hill junction just after South Hampstead to directly connect to the open section of the North London line between Camden Road and Stratford. This would run Mondays to Saturdays.
2. Watford Junction to Euston – this is the usual route to Euston, but will only run on Sundays.
3. Richmond to Willesden Junction – The other open part of the North London line which will run like shuttle service.
4. Willesden Junction to Clapham Junction – The West London line is unaffected.

So what about the closed sections? The answer is bus services. The following will run…
Bus service A – Gospel Oak and Kensal Rise. Buses will not serve Finchley Road & Frognal (looks like getting to West Hampstead to Finchley Road on the Jubilee line seems a reasonable option).
Bus service B – Gospel Oak to Blackhorse Road
Bus service C – Blackhorse Road to Barking. There’s no direct bus service to Walthamstow Queens Road, so a shuttle bus has been supplied from Wathamstow Central.
Bus service D – Gospel Oak to Camden Road. To run from 22nd to 28th September.

More details can be found in the leaflet supplied by TfL by clicking here.

It also seems that some London Underground stations are not far at all!!! Here is the complete list for the stations affected…
– Kensal Rise – Kensal Green station (Bakerloo, 800m)
– Brondesbury – Kilburn station (Jubilee, 300m)
– West Hampstead – Jubilee line station (100m)
– Finchley Road & Frognal – Finchley Road station (Jubilee & Metropolitan, 400m)
– Hampstead Heath – Belsize Park station (Northern, 800m)
– Kentish Town West – Chalk Farm station (Northern, 750m)
– Upper Holloway – Archway station (Northern, 450m)
– South Tottenham – Seven Sisters station (Victoria, 300m)
– Blackhouse Road – Victoria line station (direct)
– Walthamstow Queens Road – Walthamstow Central station (Victoria, 450m)
– Leytonstone High Road – Leytonstone station (Central, 800m)
– Barking – District and Hammersmith & City station (direct)

The works will take place on 1st September until 16th November. So anyone planning their journey will have to plan well during this period!

What do you think of these works? What alternative transport will you use? Let me know!

P.S. It looks like in the leaflet, it mentions that Shepherd’s Bush Overground station will open in October 2008 around the same time the Central line station opens! We’ll just wait and see!

All change from the East London line

17 12 2007

As I write this, it has come to my attention how fast 2007 has gone…and how soon the East London line will be closing down from the London Underground on 22nd December (this coming Saturday!).

So what’s happening? Well the East London line is being upgraded to become the East London railway, part of London Overground. The line will have new stations and extensions from both sides of the existing line. The line is scheduled to reopen in Summer of 2010. But it will be lost from the London Underground network forever. I have taken a huge number of photos from the East London line on its last few days of operation. One can be seen above at Wapping station…but the rest will be made available to see soon on one of our websites, London Moving! This website will contain a huge gallery of information of every London Underground, Overground, DLR and Tramlink station!

You can check out the progress of the website by following the link:

Check it out! Has anyone been on the East London line? What do you think of the last few days of operation? Are you going to miss it? Let me know!!!

London Overground is coming!

6 11 2007

As some of you may or may not know, Transport For London are going to take over several rail lines on 11th November 2007 and collectively call it London Overground. Now what am I talking about? Well, this all new network will have new trains, refurbished stations and more staff!

One of the lines that are going to have the benefit is the Euston – Watford line which is currently being run by Silverlink Metro. If you have been on the Silverlink or Bakerloo line between Queen’s Park and Harrow & Wealdstone, you will have noticed the stations have been run down and are in urgent need of repair…and London Overground hopefully will do that!

1. My local station at South Kenton is finally going to see the last of this!

2. At Kenton, it is clear that preparations are being made as Silverlink trains cease to operate

An integrated network will cover all parts of London including…

1. Euston – Watford line
2. North London Line: Richmond – Stratford
3. West London Line: Willesden Junction – Clapham Junction
4. Gospel Oak – Barking line

In addition, it was announced that the following stations would be in London Underground control…

1. Currently Silverlink stations between Harrow & Wealdstone – Queen’s Park (but not Willesden Junction) on the Bakerloo line
2. Gunnersbury and Kew Gardens stations on the District line
3. Blackhorse Road, Highbury & Islington and West Brompton stations on the North London railway

Really exciting stuff! What do you think about London Overground? Do you welcome the idea? Let me know!