S Stock preview

2 10 2008

Hi all

You may have noticed recently that a lot of my blog entries have been heavily focussed on London Underground and Overground. If you have been really urging for a different subject, I am so sorry. I will change the subject very soon. But this is another railway entry!

On Monday evening, I decided to check out the exhibition about the new tube stock that will replace the existing stock on the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines. The exhibition was held at Euston Square Gardens.

At the present time, the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines are using the C69 and C77 stock (these are the names of the train stock), the District line are using the D78 stock and the Metropolitan line are using the A60 stock, the oldest of the lot running for almost 50 years!

All these stocks will gradually be replaced with one tube stock called the S Stock (S for Subsurface). So what is new about these trains? Well firstly, the new S Stock will feature more space with wider doors and walkways, larger windows and walkthrough carriages allowing you to travel along the whole length of the train!

Secondly, there will be support for wheelchair users, lower floors allowing step free access between the train and platform, space for pushchairs and luggage and colour contrasting features for the visually impaired.

Thirdly, the best feature of all is air conditioning! This is fantastic news! Cooler trains helped by the fact that the tunnels on these lines are large. In addition, better security.

So with this all coming, here is a gallery of the prototype stock that featured in the exhibition…

1. The exhibition from the outside

2. Carriages that allow you to walkthrough

3. The new moquette seating in the S Stock train

4. Wide doors and windows

5. Useful information on board

6. The S Stock from the outside

A very nice train indeed! There will be a total of 191 S Stock trains which will run on the sub surface lines. But when will they come into service? Well we expect to see the first S Stock trains appear on the Metropolitan line in 2010, followed by the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines in 2011 and finally appearing on the District line from 2013. It is predicted that the entire S Stock will be in fully service by 2015. That does mean a huge amount of old stock to get rid off! I do like the A60 stock on the Metropolitan line and the seating, that will be sadly missed once it is all gone, but it is only for the better!

What do you think of the new S Stock? Let me know!

What about Wood Lane?

30 09 2008

Hi all

After yesterday’s blogs about the exciting progress works at Shepherd’s Bush, I neglected to mention much about Wood Lane station. I haven’t got a good shot of the station, but I did take a roundel sign on a passing Hammersmith & City line train whilst moving slowly.

This is a brand new station situated between Shepherd’s Bush Market (currently named ‘Shepherd’s Bush’) and Latimer Road. It will have complete step free access from street level to platform with lifts installed but also will not feature a ticket office at all.

The new Wood Lane roundel on a passing Hammersmith & City line train

Also, I couldn’t help but notice the new line diagram on the train that had been exposed to show the new change taking place.

But isn’t Wood Lane a step free access station??? Hmmm, they may have forgotten about that!

A few other bits of information, there are reports that Wood Lane is rumoured to open on 12th October. In addition to this, Wood Lane station is about 250 metres from White City station. So why couldn’t the two stations get a direct interchange rather than walk at street level? Could it be that the station would not be entirely step free? A possibility indeed!

What do you think of Wood Lane? Let me know!

Shepherd’s Bush H&C is changing (Market will be added!)

29 09 2008

Hi all

In the final series of Shepherd’s Bush blog entries, here is what is happening at the current Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City) line station. Already, they have put up the new station name, Shepherd’s Bush Market, except the ‘Market’ bit has been covered up!

Here are a few photos of the changes being made…

1. The station entrance with ‘Market’ covered up…

2. The line diagram with the new name covered and Wood Lane included!

3. Most of the new roundel signs look like this…

4. And the one that got away! This is what the new signs will look like when the station is renamed!

With Wood Lane rumoured to open on 12th October, this is the likely date of the rename. What do you think of the changes? Do you like the rename? Let me know!

Shepherd’s Bush Central line in good progress

29 09 2008

Hi all

As well as the opening of Shepherd’s Bush Overground station, it was worth having a look at the progress works taking place at Shepherd’s Bush Central line. The station is almost complete and will be open in good time! Here are a few shots that I took of the new look station!


The station looks very nice and spacious. According to earlier reports, Shepherd’s Bush Central line station will open on 5th October (in about a week’s time). I will be visiting the site nearer the time (and hopefully it will have reopened by then)!

What do you think? Let me know!

Wood Lane and Shepherd’s Bush (Central) opening dates?

23 09 2008

Hi all

According to the following press report from Hammersmith & Fulham council, there is mention of opening dates for Wood Lane and Shepherd’s Bush (Central line) stations.

Wood Lane station on the Hammersmith & City line is said to be opening on 12th October. This is a brand new station built on an existing line between Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City) [more details on this below] and Latimer Road. This is the first station to be built on an existing line in 70 years. It will also be linked to the north west corner of the all new Westfield Shopping Centre opening on 30th October. If this is to be believed, then Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City line) will be renamed Shepherd’s Bush Market around the same time on 12th October.

Shepherd’s Bush (Central line) station is reported to be opening on 5th October and if all goes to plan, will open exactly a week later after Shepherd’s Bush (Overground) due to open on 28th September. The station has a totally new building replacing the original 1900 station and replacement escalators and new refurbished platforms.

Sounds all exciting! I will be visiting the area very soon shortly before these stations open! 

What do you think of these exciting new stations? Let me know!

Please free the seats!

18 09 2008

Hi all

I’ve got to rant about something that I noticed the other day while I was travelling on a Circle line train. I have nothing against cyclists but this cyclist who was relaxing on one side of the carriage lies his bicycle on four empty seats on the opposite side! What an earth is that? No consideration for passengers who are standing! What if there was someone who needed a seat like an elderly person, or someone with children?

That’s out of order, and there’s no need to be selfish! I know the bicycle has to be somewhere, but the seats are certainly not the right place. If only he was more considerate. I was standing by the way, and I didn’t want to sit as I was only getting off a few stops time. But I was thinking of other people.

What other annoying things have you noticed on the Tube? Let me know!

On the Network: September 2008

16 09 2008

Hi all

It is that time of round again to check out what is happening on the Tube network and London Overground this month…

London Overground closures – As many of you know, this month saw parts of the London Overground network closed for engineering work from 1st September. In summary, there is no service on the Gospel Oak to Barking line and no service on the North London line between Willesden Junction and Gospel Oak via West Hampstead. The Watford Junction to Euston service has been altered such that on Mondays to Saturdays, the Watford Junction trains will divert via the Primrose Hill junction to meet Camden Road to Stratford rather than go to Euston, while on Sundays, a normal service will run (although Willesden Junction to Stratford trains will run). All other Overground services will run as normal. 

Shepherd’s Bush (Overground) – According to weekend closure posters, Shepherd’s Bush Overground will be opening on 28th September. I will be checking out this nearer the time, but it will be exciting indeed!

Shepherd’s Bush (Central line) – The station building is looking good and it is set to be on target to open next month. I will be taking photos of the latest progress very soon, so check the Blog for more info!

Wood Lane – The station building and platforms look complete now. All signage has been placed up. The station will be open in October in which at the same time, Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City line) will be renamed Shepherd’s Bush Market. More details next month.

These are the major updates for this month. Check On the Network next month for a lot more substantial news as the above open!