At Bourne End Mills

23 07 2008

Hi all

I thought it would be good to have an evening drive in the countryside. After a few hours out in the rural scene, I stopped off at Bourne End Mills to have dinner at McDonald’s!

Here is a shot of the place! A good evening out…sometimes it is great to get out of crowded places!


Love the Big Breakfast and Monopoly?

13 04 2008

Hi all

Just a quickie! I had a lovely McDonald’s Big Breakfast! Lovely Pork,
Egg, Muffin and Hash Brown rolled into one meal! Delicious!

By the way, is anyone having any luck with the Monopoly Money
competition? Has anyone actually won a prize (apart from the food, of
course!)? Let me know. Whether you think is it real or too good to be
true! Or is it a money making scheme? Just shout it out okay?!