Tube Map update

9 10 2008

Hi all

For those who have been keeping up with the opening of several tube stations and so forth, TfL have quietly updated on their website the Tube Map dated for October 2008. There are significant updates to the map and I thought I would let you know what has been updated since the May edition.

– Shepherd’s Bush Overground station is open with step free access
– Shepherd’s Bush Central line station is open with 100m walk from Overground station
– Wood Lane station is open with step free access
– White City station is a 250m walk from Wood Lane
– Shepherd’s Bush (Hammersmith & City) station has now been renamed Shepherd’s Bush Market
– Blackfriars station has a note that it will be closed from March 2009 until late 2011
– Tower Gateway station is closed and opens in Spring 2009
– Pinner station now has step free access
– Bus services on the East London Line have been amended
– Woolwich Arsenal extension on the DLR is now marked as to open in early 2009
– Borough station is no longer exit only during peak hours
– Kensington (Olympia) and West Brompton stations have lost their airport interchanges
– Notes for Victoria line closures have been removed from the map

And there you go! Plenty of updates and considering Wood Lane is opened on this map, we would expect the new Tube station to open very soon (perhaps as early as this Sunday, 12th October)!

Yet another Tube Map update!

16 04 2008

Hi all

Without notice, the poster Tube Maps for April 2008 have been updated on the TfL website with a good chance of being updated at the stations very soon. There is currently no pocket version…but who knows?

Here are the changes to the last edition:

– Heathrow Terminal 5 station is now open
– West Hampstead station now has the note ‘Thameslink 200m from the London Underground station
– Liverpool Street station has regained the airport interchange symbol once again
– Chancery Lane station has lost the dagger symbol and there we can assume it is open daily
– Bank and Monument stations have dagger symbols to warn passengers of major escalator work and to avoid interchange between lines
– Tower Gateway station will close on 28th June 2008 until summer 2009
– Oakwood station has appeared to have lost its step free access symbol (can anyone explain why?)

That’s the latest on the map, the fourth revision in four months!

If there is anything else that I have missed out, please let me know!

Chancery Lane mystery on map revealed?

24 03 2008

I thought I would investigate what the mysterious dagger symbol next to Chancery Lane was on the latest pocket Tube Map meant as there is no indication whatsoever of why it is there!

I managed to look at one of the big poster maps that confirms that Chancery Lane is open Monday to Friday from 14th January 2008 until early 2009.

Has anyone noticed Chancery Lane closed in the weekends? Let me know…otherwise I’ll have to travel down there to see if this is the case!

Tube Map update!

17 03 2008

Hi all

I went to central London last week and picked up the latest Tube Map for March 2008 at Piccadilly Circus station. There are a few changes made to the map:

– Heathrow Terminal 5 is now solid and opens 27th March 2008 (I do plan to visit the station on that day…there will be photos too, I will keep you updated on this!)
– In Check before you travel section in the Piccadilly line entry, it states that trains via Terminal 4 may take up to 8 minutes before continuing to Terminals 1, 2, 3
– Wood Lane station now says opens late 2008
– Shepherd’s Bush Central line station is closed and reopens October 2008
– Shepherd’s Bush Overground station now says opens late 2008
– Borough station states exit only during peak hours
– The East London line extensions have disappeared from the map
– Rotherhithe station can now be reached on bus route 381 (the ELP bus service was withdrawn late February)
– Victoria line has information boxes on the map about the early closures
– Oakwood station now is step free access
– Pinner station is not step free access and the dagger symbol has now disappeared at long last
– The Thameslink information has disappeared from West Hampstead station but the walking distance remains
– And so does that of Canary Wharf!!!
– Tower Gateway DLR station now closes June 2008 until Summer 2009.
– Liverpool Street has lost its airport interchange symbol

Finally has anyone wondered what the dagger symbol next to Chancery Lane meant as there is no indication whatsoever? The answer is at one time, they were planning to close Chancery Lane on Sundays until the late summer to help with station refurbishment. But now, this appears to be postponed. So the dagger symbol should not really be there!

That’s all the changes…what do you think? Let me know!!!

The Tube Map is getting overloaded!

28 01 2008

Hi all

Has anyone checked out the January 2008 pocket Tube Map recently? Well there appears to be a number of changes on the map…

– London Overground is completely shown (but this was in the November 2007 issue). But it now includes the East London extensions on both ends of what was the East London line.
– The new zones system now includes 7, 8 and 9. The odd and curious one is Watford Junction which is outside of the TfL zones and not even in a Zone 9!
– A few stations have moved zone: Acton Central moved from 2 to 3, Willesden Junction is now in both 2 and 3 and Hampstead Heath moved from 3 to 2.
– The East London line is now closed and is replaced by what I would call a messy bus replacement service layout.
– Wood Lane is under construction on the Hammersmith & City line.

But, unfortunately, once again, there a few things that the pocket Tube Map appears to have got wrong…

– Pinner station is now step free access, but there is no indication of this in the Check before you travel key
– Why is Watford Junction out of the zonal area? Amersham is further than Watford, yet it is in Zone 9!
– Heathrow Airport now appears in a blue box! I think that doesn’t look that great, but at least the Terminal 5 extension is included.
– Shepherd’s Bush station – what can we say? Well apart from the fact that the Central line station is closing from 3rd February for 8 months, the interchange suggests that Shepherd’s Bush Overground station is in fact open. But the truth is, the Overground station is still closed…and may not be open for some time!!!
– Have you seen the walking distances at West Hampstead and Canary Wharf stations? I think it doesn’t look nice at all. Why didn’t they do that for Bow Road and Bow Church for example?
– In the Station index, check out Oakwood station, it states that step free access is scheduled for January 2008, but there is no symbol as such on the map! Who would have known that???

Anyway, my overall opinion of the pocket Tube Map for January 2008 is that it is so overcrowded! Let’s hope they get it right in the next edition!

Let me know what you think…I want your feedback!